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Franklin County’s Best Kept Secret: Homestead Creamery’s Farm Market

Franklin County’s Best Kept Secret: Homestead Creamery’s Farm Market

In the early 2000’s the budding Homestead Creamery Farm Market was repeatedly voted as Smith Mountain Lake’s “Best Kept Secret” and received this title again by a 2012 Virginia’s Blue Ridge article. Well, it’s safe to say that the secret is out! The Farm Market has grown to be a figure-head destination point for visitors to Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding region.

Starting from humble roots in 2001, the Farm Market was the very first location to distribute the great tasting milk, ice cream, and butter carefully crafted by the founders of the Creamery. Appearing to be a quaint little building on the side of Route 122, it has now grown into a must-stop on the for locals and tourists. It’s the perfect place to stock up on supplies for your family cookout or just to grab a scoop of the famous, flavorful Homestead Creamery ice cream!

Building A Presence in the Franklin County Community and Beyond

Since those humble beginnings, the Homestead Creamery Farm Market has grown to fill the small walls of the building. With friendly faces greeting you as you walk through the door and a “Name of the Day” inviting customers in for a free scoop, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to stop in, say hello, and sit out on our rocking chairs out front. While the Farm Market certainly sees an increase in traffic in the summer months when tourists are spending time on Smith Mountain Lake, it never seems to truly quiet down in the slow season.

“It’s really just all about the experience! It’s about being able to come into a family-friendly environment, sample and choose your ice cream flavor, and then spend time enjoying it with your loved ones,” says Carla, Farm Market Manager.

When you walk into the Farm Market, the focal point is certainly the ice cream cabinet with all of their publicly sold flavors as well as a few Farm Market exclusives. Despite the temptation to dive right in, it’s hard to resist exploring all that the store has to offer. From locally made jams, jellies, and pasta sauces, to old-fashioned candies and handmade decor to a full-fledged deli – the Homestead Creamery Farm Market is a true market where people can come find unique products made with care. And don’t forget the backyard! Here, you’ll find a play pit for the kids to enjoy after they finish up their ice cream cone. We also bring the farm right to our customers with a few farm animals. Sometimes the baby calves are hanging out, too!

The employees of the Farm Market have worked hard to build up their presence in the community through fun events and specials year-round. They have fun with food and families by hosting Bingo Nights, pop-up Breakfast Specials, and the famous Shake-Tember! For Shake-tember, each Farm Market employee gets to craft their very own unique milkshake to sell to customers. At the end of the month, the creator of the most popular milkshake wins a prize! It’s a great way to bring the Farm Market employees and the community together.

Uplifting the Local Agricultural Community

Southwest Virginia owes its history and growth to the agricultural community. The rolling landscapes and wide open fields lend themselves to the flourishing farming community that is still strong today. As a true Farm Market, Homestead Creamery sources local meat, produce, and other home goods from local farms and makers.

Quote about the farming community from Rose, Donnie, or Mike

From farm fresh pork to crisp local lettuce, to a wide array of sauces, jams, and jellies, the Farm Market truly is a one-stop-shop for your basic grocery list, made with love. Furthermore, we do our best to educate the public about this amazing farm community through our Farm Stories blog. We’ve worked to feature some of our partners like Sandy River Pork and Boone’s Country Store.

If you haven’t experienced the Farm Market already or you’re just longing to return, our doors are open Monday through Saturday. Get Directions!

And ya’ll come back now, ya hear?