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3 Christmas Cookie Ideas Santa Will Love!

3 Christmas Cookie Ideas Santa Will Love!

Peanut Butter Lover’s Peanut Butter Cookies

Photo & Recipe Credit: Michael of InspiredByCharm.com

Simple in ingredients, yet full of mouthwatering flavors. Peanut butter cookies are Sugar Cookie’s savory cousin. These delicious cookies ares stuffed with, that’s right, MORE peanut butter! This makes every warm bite full of gooey yumminess. But don’t worry, these cookies are just as wonderful after they have cooled. To really enhance the flavor, consider adding our unsalted butter to the mix! Call all your peanut butter loving friends for this one.

Kris Kringle Christmas Cookie

Photo Credit & Recipe Credit: Kim of KimsCravings.com

If Santa made his own staple cookie, this would be his choice. With white chocolate chips and dried cranberries, this cookie tastes and looks like Christmas! These cookies are soft and chewy and absolutely addicting. They also freeze well so they will be perfect for prepping those holiday parties. Don’t forget to use our all natural butter in your recipe!

Perfect Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

Photo & Recipe Credit: Erin of WellPlated.com

Tradition with a twist! Sugar cookies are a holiday classic for many reasons. Most of us have very fond memories of decorating the sweet treats with our friends and family.This year you can impress your loved ones by elevating your sugar cookie recipe! Adding the cream cheese ensues that your cookies stay soft and chewy. Plus the added tang really balances out all the sweet decorative icing. Paired with our all natural butter and classic milk, this recipe is sure to please!






These cookies are sure to make Santa (and your belly) happy. But fair warning, they may not last you through the night!