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5 Ice Cream Shops You Didn’t Know Scoop Homestead Creamery

5 Ice Cream Shops You Didn’t Know Scoop Homestead Creamery

Summer is in full swing! If you’re like us, you’re probably searching for every opportunity to cool off with a cone worthy scoop of ice cream. While we absolutely love when our customers pay us a visit at our Farm Market, we realize that sometimes, you just need a quick fix in a neighborhood near you. Fear not! You won’t have to settle for anything less than the best if you visit one of these family owned ice cream parlors!

1. Pop’s Ice Cream

Roanoke, VA

Grandin Village in Roanoke, VA is decorated with shops and restaurants of colorful character. Pop’s Ice Cream is no exception! Stepping through the doors is like walking through a time warp into a classic 1950s Ice Cream and Soda Bar, even though they opened in 2006!

Pop’s Ice Cream’s board is vibrant with Homestead Creamery flavors. If you’re looking for an exclusive specialty that isn’t sold in stores, you can usually find it here. You can get anything from a simple scoop, to a float, or even a classic milkshake complete with a second helping! Beyond ice cream and handmade sodas, you can get a wide array of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches!

2. Izzy’s Place

Vinton, VA

Izzy’s Place has been scooping Homestead Creamery to the folks of Vinton, VA for just under a year! Conveniently located on Washington Avenue, people with a sweet tooth that just won’t quit can stop in and grab a cold cone of their favorite flavor! When ice cream isn’t enough, they sell tasty cupcakes from the Kupcakery, too!

3. Sugar Magnolia

Blacksburg, VA

Sugar Magnolia in Blacksburg may be the new kids on the block but they sure have made a splash in the hearts of their customers! Located on North Main Street, Sugar Magnolia saw an opportunity to bring paper goods, chocolates, and Homestead Creamery ice cream to the fine people of Blacksburg.

We get it, it’s hard to choose just one flavor. They get it, too. That’s why they sell our ice cream in flights! You can get a little taste of all of your favorite flavors without overindulging. (But we wouldn’t judge you if you went a little overboard anyway ;))

4. Here’s the Scoop

Roanoke, VA

Our friends in South Roanoke can stop into Oak Grove Plaza for Homestead Creamery! Here’s The Scoop is serving up 30 of our best flavors including all of the classics and some exclusive flavors like Moo-Tracks, Salted Caramel, and more!

5. The Sweet 95

Richmond, VA

Even hours away, you can find great people scooping great ice cream! Richmond, VA is home to the Sweet 95, an appropriately named ice cream shop right off I-95. They’re serving up 13 Homestead Creamery flavors.

Is your favorite neighborhood ice cream shop serving Homestead Creamery and not on the list above? Let us know!