6 Coffee Shops You Didn’t Know Use Homestead Creamery

6 Coffee Shops You Didn’t Know Use Homestead Creamery

6 Coffee Shops You Didn’t Know Use Homestead Creamery

Nothing beats the warmth of a rich cup of coffee, balanced with the perfect amount of creamer. These coffee shops appreciate the delicacies of the perfect cup of joe and it shows in the products they use to craft each cup! Meet some local, independently owned coffee shops who use Homestead Creamery!

1. Canvas Coffee House

Newport News, VA

Canvas Coffee House believes that it’s their “mission to serve each customer better each time they walk through the door. No matter the coffee knowledge, anyone is welcome.” They’re dedicated to building a strong community in the Hampton Roads area by creating a welcoming space and serving delicious coffee with high quality ingredients.

2. Sweet Donkey Coffee House

Roanoke, VA

Sweet Donkey Coffee House has been a fixture of the South Roanoke community since 2014. The coffee house serves Counter Culture coffee and offers an inviting space for people to eat, drink, and be merry. They’ve proudly used Homestead Creamery products since opening.

“When we were opening our shop, we knew that quality and customer service were imperitive to our success,” says owner, Dustin Eshelman. “We tested a LOT of milks and there was nothing like the creamy taste we got from Homestead Creamery. Over and over again, it was the winner, hands down, and we’ve been using it in our shop ever since. ”

3. Tip Top Coffee Co.

Elkins, WV

You may have already heard about Tip Top Coffee Co. when we talked about their grand opening, but they’re worth mentioning again! Tip Top is centered around serving their community and sharing their love of coffee. This love shows through in their unique (and delicious) sweets that keep their customers coming back for more!

4. Bean Tree Cafe

Lynchburg, VA

Bean Tree Cafe has a little bit of everything when it comes to their menu. From every type of coffee, to sweet Italian Sodas, they’ve really got it all. Their locally roasted coffee is served up with a smile and sure to appease your caffeine fix. And if you’re lucky, you might catch some live music or a game night!

5. Uptown Coffee Cafe

Farmville, VA

Located in Victoria, VA and Downtown Farmville, Uptown Coffee Cafe works hard to connect people through coffee, food, and live music. This family owned business has a passion for serving organic coffee and teas and use quality ingredients from Homestead Creamery. Did we mention they also serve our ice cream?!

When asked why those chose to serve Homestead, Uptown mentions how using local companies is important to them. And so is delicious flavor!

“You can just taste the flavors so well. You know exactly what it is when you’re tasting it,” says Uptown.

6. Ironclad Coffee Roasters

Richmond, VA

Located in Shockoe Bottom, Ironclad Coffee Roasters is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster and cafe. They don’t just focus on good coffee, they realize top quality starts at cultivation, continues in harvesting and preparation, and ends in proper roasting. They are coffee experts that choose a lighthearted approach to education. We feel very honored to be their choice for all things dairy.

We love our coffee shop partners and feel lucky to be included in such a welcoming community!

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*All photos are courtesy of each companies’ social media accounts.