Golden Milk

7 Reasons You Need a Glass of Golden Milk

7 Reasons You Need a Glass of Golden Milk

Great news! Our award-winning Golden Milk will be hitting the shelves of our Farm Market and on the Home Delivery menu starting May 1!

Each and every product we make is specially crafted to keep every drop of nourishing vitamins and minerals possible and our Golden Milk is no different! What is different about this milk is the rich flavors of turmeric and ginger with a smooth finish, and the added benefits that come with them. These spices have been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for their incredible health benefits* and have been rising in popularity in the American diet in recent years.

Curious about what Golden Milk can do for you and your body? Here are just a few of the many ways Golden Milk can help you feel great from the inside out:

Boost Your Brain Power

Brain functioning depends greatly on how well the neurons in your brain form new connections, driven by a hormone referred to as the Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor. In short, the levels of this particular hormone in your brain can make or break your brain development and protect against degenerative brain disorders.

Intimidating stuff right? Not for the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin! Without getting too deep into the science of it, the properties of curcumin can have a major impact on your brain functioning. It can prevent the build up of the receptor blockers that cause memory loss, enhance the brain’s ability to learn, and reduce stress hormones related to toxicity – therefore, demonstrating the ability to reduce depression and anxiety.

Stimulate Digestion

When paired with ginger, indigestion’s arch nemesis, turmeric can provide digestive relief for anything from an everyday stomach ache to aiding Chron’s disease or IBS symptoms. In general, the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can help relieve stomach pain and stimulate the digestive tract.

Curcumin is also connected to the proper development of bile through the gallbladder. The better your gallbladder functions, the better your body is able to digest foods. This, in turn, can help with weight management and control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels, resulting in lower risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Fight Off Allergy Symptoms

An allergic reaction is really your immune system’s way of fighting off a foreign substance that it doesn’t jive with. The main source of the symptoms? Inflammation. What’s one of the main benefits of turmeric? Anti-inflammation!

Turmeric has demonstrated benefits beyond it’s anti-inflammatory effects, combating allergies and sinus problems with it’s anti-bacterial properties and it’s natural antihistamine. All of these elements work together to relieve your sinuses, skin, and internal inflammation from the perils of an allergic reaction.

Reduce Pain from Arthritis or Muscle Strain

While there are several different types of arthritis that affect the population, most of them are a result of some sort of inflammation of the joints. Studies demonstrate that turmeric’s ability to relieve arthritis patients from their pain. These properties work just as well on muscles that have been strained from overuse or general exercise. So, if drinking chocolate milk as your recovery drink isn’t your thing, try golden milk on for size!

Ward Off Cancer

Just like arthritis, inflammation is one of the most widely recognized sources of cancer. Various studies have found that using turmeric as a supplement may be able to assist in the treatment of cancer. The curcumin works at a molecular level to reduce angiogensis and mestasis – the most common ways cancer spreads. It’s also has recorded results of contributing to the death of the cancer cells themselves.

Ready to Grab a Glass?

Studies that examine the effects of turmeric continue to uncover the positives effects it can have on the body. At their root, most ailments in the human body are a result of inflammation in some form or another. So is turmeric the silver bullet for general health and wellness? Well, we’re just a dairy company, so don’t take our word for it. Just grab a glass for yourself!

Come by our Farm Market or order your first bottle of Golden Milk through Home Delivery to get the first taste! You can also use our Request Form to request it in a store near you!

*Please note that these claims have risen from independent studies and are not official evaluations from the Food and Drug Administration.