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Will Homestead Creamery’s Farm Life Be At Your Next Event?

Will Homestead Creamery’s Farm Life Be At Your Next Event?

Spending time with dairy cows every day is something that Homestead Creamery farmers never take for granted. They get to experience the joy and reward of working with and caring for these animals day in and day out. From growing and harvesting their feed to turning on the fans and misters on a hot summer day, they have the privilege of taking care of cows that produce fresh, wholesome, high-quality milk, The Way Milk Should Taste™.

Taking Farm Life on the Road

We realize that most folks will never get to share this experience unless they come out for one of our farm tours. We see it as our duty to provide opportunities to engage and educate our customers and the communities we feed about where their food comes from and how best practices can affect food quality. That’s why in early summer of 2016, we launched our Calf Tour, bringing the farm life to folks in towns and cities across the mid-Atlantic. Each Spring, we’ll set out on the road with two dairy calves, one of our farmers, and one of our milkmen to bring the farm experience and a little taste of Homestead Creamery to events from Virginia, all the way down to Georgia.

Catch Us On Tour

For Event Planners

We like to plan our tours ahead of time in order to prioritize cow, farmer, and milkman comfort as well as reaching as many folks with our story as we can. We work with our distribution partners and community event planners in various localities to identify ideal opportunities to introduce our Calf Tour team and provide Homestead Creamery samples to event attendees. We typically look for family friendly community festivals and store openings to cater to a variety of audiences and settings.

If you’re interested in having Homestead Creamery’s Calf Tour stop at your next event, feel free to reach out through our booking form!

For Cow Lovers

The best way to make sure you catch the Calf Tour when we’re in town is by following us on social media! We update often to make sure our fans don’t miss a chance to experience the farm life. You can also find additional upcoming events on our Farm Stories page.

What to Expect

Our Set Up

When traveling locally, we’ll bring our small 20′ x 20′ trailer and set up a mini farm atmosphere with a roll out awning to shade the cows and invite event guests to visit with the calves and ask our farmer and milkman questions about Homestead Creamery products, cow care, and life on the farm.
When we hit the road for overnight trips, we bring the “tour bus”. Our 20′ x 30′ trailer requires just a little more space but provides a larger area for the cows to relax under the shade and more space for folks to engage with the cows and Cream Team. Our farmer and milkman will stay with the animals and sleep in the living quarters built into the trailer to keep our animals safe and comfortable, 24-hours a day.

Ways to Engage

First and foremost, make sure you get a sample of our Homestead Creamery products! We’ll bring our most popular products to hand out to guests and share some insight on how we go from the milking barn to the glass bottles, all the while keeping the farm fresh taste you love.

And of course, we invite you to get to know our calves. They are well socialized and domesticated, so we encourage everyone to come pet and take photos with them! If you happen to share it on social media and tag us, you just may get a share!