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Why Centra Health Chooses Homestead Creamery

Why Centra Health Chooses Homestead Creamery

No matter your age, everyone loves indulging in a sweet scoop of ice cream with friends, family, or colleagues. In this case, it was the incredible staff at Centra Health’s Bedford Memorial Hospital that got to enjoy the refreshing flavors of Homestead Creamery at their staff picnic last summer.

Through over 60 years of growth and expansion, Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital has remained committed to its mission of improving the health of this community. The hospital provides a full-service medical facility with special emphasis on women’s health, outpatient surgery, emergency services, cardiology care, and rehabilitative services.

Homestead Creamery’s Ice Cream Truck had the opportunity to join the staff on the lawn for an Annual Employee Picnic, set up by the organization to show their appreciation for their employees. Everyone gets to join together to eat, play games, take pictures in a photo booth, and more! We might be biased, but our favorite part was obviously serving up delicious cold treats to everyone.

Bringing Homestead to Your Event

We sat down and asked the picnic coordinator and Communications & Marketing Manager, Christy Lucy, about her experience in booking Homestead Creamery’s ice cream truck for her event.

She described the process of booking: “as simple as a phone call or email and everything is lined up. The staff makes it as easy as possible.”

We make our ice cream truck flexible to fit the type of event and amount of attendees expected. You can either choose the number of servings we bring or provide tickets to attendees and cover the number of tickets sold afterward. There’s also the option of buying the tubs and scooping yourself, something Centra Health has done for other small employee events.

“The scoopers are always friendly and I trust them to know what flavors people like best,” says Christy.

Why Homestead Creamery?

“They’re a staple in the community. Everyone has seen their truck out and about in the community,” says Christy. ‘It’s the first business anyone thinks of when you think of bringing a dessert for an event.”

Well, that’s what we like to hear! We really enjoyed serving the wonderful people at Centra Health’s Bedford Memorial Hospital and hope to come back for their next big event soon!

Want to learn more about our variety of ice cream event services? Visit our Special Events page and book your next event!