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Our Community of Partner Farms

Our Community of Partner Farms

As part of a larger agricultural community throughout Virginia, we work hard to stock the shelves of our Farm Market and Home Delivery list with fresh produce, meats, and canned goods from around our region. Meet the family farms that help us make it all happen! Looking for information about the farms that supply our milk? Visit the Our Dairy Farms page!

Sandy River Pork 

Yvonne and Walter Rieck have operated Sandy River Pork Farm for 20 years in Axton, VA. They raise our livestock, pigs, and cattle, in an all-natural open environment allowing for both grain and grass feeding. Their meat is free of added hormones, steroids, artificial growth stimulants, drugs or antibiotics. It’s all natural! Their seasoned sausage is available at the Farm Market and through Home Delivery.

 Sandy River Pork Farm

Buffalo Creek Beef

For seven generations, the Potter family has been a family of farmers in Lexington, VA. From the oldest to the youngest they all have a hand in tending to the animals. The Potters are very passionate about the beef industry and excited about local consumers enjoying their beef.

Potter Family of Buffalo Creek Beef

Goldman Farm

As a second-generation farmer, Brick Goldman grows a wide variety of produce in Cullen, VA. His assortment includes everything from tomatoes, corn, sweet peppers, beets, onions, greens, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, squash, to cantaloupe and watermelons. Brick utilizes integrated pest management techniques and his produce is low or no spray. Brick and his wife Melanie enlist the help of family and friends to help clean and box the produce for our Home Delivery veggie shares.

Goldman Farm Family


Foothills Produce Auction

From spring until fall, Homestead Creamery visits the Foothills Produce Auction twice weekly to purchase fresh, locally grown produce and flowers. The Auction is in Boones Mill, VA, and serves as an outlet for many small farmers in the area. Produce from the Auction is used in the deli and sold at the Farm Market along with potted flowers.

Foothills Produce Auction

Four Oaks Farm

Four Oaks Farms is a small family owned business in Wirtz, VA doing one thing, growing and marketing high-quality gourmet lettuce and other leaf crops, including microgreens, herbs, and other vegetables. Owners Jerry and Joyce Conner use a controlled environment greenhouse operation utilizing the most recent technology in a 100% soilless hydroponic growing system. This system allows them to provide fresh, local lettuce year-round. Four Oaks Farm lettuce is used in our deli, and available in the Farm Market and through Home Delivery.

Four Oaks Farm

Boone’s Country Store

Boone’s Country Store has been family owned and operated since December 1975 in Boones Mill, VA with the third generation now baking. Their bakery products are made from scratch on the premises. Find their bread, sweet rolls, other baked goods, and frozen entrees at the Homestead Creamery Farm Market and Home Delivery.