Cream Team Spotlight: David

Cream Team Spotlight: David

Cream Team Spotlight: David

Ever wonder how we get our large orders of milk, butter, and ice cream from our Creamery to stores throughout Southwest Virginia and beyond? It requires a dedicated team working the distribution and loading docks, led by David Thompson, our Distribution Manager.

David currently oversees the operation and coordination of Creamery truck drivers and the loading dock team for all other distribution orders. He celebrated his 1 year anniversary on Wednesday!

David moved to Franklin County to be closer to where he and his wife grew up. Being closer to family and getting back to his roots was a big priority and the opportunity to work as Distribution Manager at the Creamery opened with perfect timing.

“It’s a small company feel and a family atmosphere,” says David, adding to his sense of being back at home where he belongs. “You get to be pretty close with your team and you have the opportunity to talk face to face with people to work through challenges. It’s not like that when you work for a big box company.”

David also loves the idea of working for a small company who sells local goods. He believes buying local is a great way to help the economy in which you live.

“The more you know about the folks you’re buying from and what they’re growing or producing, the better you feel about what you’re buying,” he adds.

When asked about his favorite ice cream flavor, he didn’t miss a beat when exclaiming “Banana!” Though Peach is a close second. He’s also a big fan of the Ze Club at the Farms Market.

Although David has only been with us for a year, he feels like family. We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with him!