Cream Team Spotlight: Heather

Cream Team Spotlight: Heather

Cream Team Spotlight: Heather

If you purchase our milk or ice cream in your local grocery store or are lucky enough to live in the Roanoke area and get it delivered directly to your home, you might not know about our Farm Market. We hold the Farm Market near and dear to our heart as a place where residents of and visitors to Southwestern Virginia can get fresh food and produce and a heaping scoop of our award-winning ice cream.

Heather Williams, our Farm Market Retail Manager, gets to make sure the Farm Market is the best it can be.

Coming from a retail background, Heather knew she had found her home at Homestead Creamery’s Farm Market. “I worked in Cracker Barrel’s Country Store for two years before coming here,” said Heather. “It has really similar down-home country feel, but here it’s smaller and more family-oriented, which I love.”

Heather enjoys showcasing Franklin County to customers. “This is where I grew up. Franklin County is my home,” said Heather. “I really enjoy working with local people, and I love being a part of a company that values agriculture. It’s how I grew up and something that means a lot to me.”

Heather stays busy at the Farm Market with management responsibilities, as well as working with vendors to get exciting, new products on the shelves. “I’m excited to even go a little deeper and find products that we haven’t had yet,” said Heather.

Of all the things that her job entails, her favorite part is interacting with customers new and old. A close second is the visual aspect of decorating the farm market for Christmas and making sure the store looks its best whatever season they’re in.

“There’s just a lot of different things I do in my job,” said Heather. “Truly, no two days are the same, and that spurs me on.”

Next time you find yourself in Franklin County, swing by the Farm Market and grab Heather’s favorite sandwich: The Suzy Q in a wrap.

“Sometimes I get it with ham instead of chicken,” said Heather. “I actually shared one with my dad the other day!”

Round out your meal with a scoop or two of Heather’s favorite ice cream Lemon Crunch for a creamy citrus treat with a delicious crunch.