Eggnog & Custard: What’s the difference?

Eggnog & Custard: What’s the difference?

Eggnog & Custard: What’s the difference?

Homestead Creamery’s eggnog and custard are available for the holiday season! While many are familiar with our beloved eggnog and custard, others still may be wondering: what is the difference between the two? 

The Flavor Characteristics

Even though both eggnog and custard start with the same base of egg and cream, they taste quite different! Eggnog is warm and rich while custard offers a lighter flavor of vanilla!

As a seasonal classic, everybody loves a good ole glass of eggnog. The perfect balance of nutmeg and cinnamon fills your mouth with the holiday spirit. Eggnog is a great addition to your pumpkin spice lattes, baking shenanigans or just sitting by the fire. Eggnog is a holiday season classic with the perfect balance of nutmeg & cinnamon!

Old-fashioned custard (or boiled custard) takes a lighter approach to flavor. We have been told that it tastes exactly like our vanilla ice cream melted down! A glass of custard entails sweet sips of vanilla with a touch of turmeric for a surprise. If the spices of eggnog aren’t your thing, we highly suggest giving our old-fashioned custard a try. 

Ways to Enjoy

Even though eggnog and custard may taste different, you can enjoy both flavors in the same ways! You can drink it straight from the bottle, add it to your favorite recipes and more! No matter how you enjoy your favorite seasonal beverage, you can’t go wrong with Homestead Creamery’s eggnog and custard! Eggnog and custard are now available in select stores and at Homestead Creamery’s Farm Market located in Wirtz, Virginia.