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Farm Market Partner Profile: Boone’s Country Store

Farm Market Partner Profile: Boone’s Country Store

The state of Virginia is lucky to have a healthy agricultural community, especially in Southwest Virginia. With a temperate climate and wide open spaces, we’re located in an ideal environment for agriculture to flourish. That’s why we’re so passionate about building a strong community of cooperative farms and markets! When the river rises, all the boats rise too.

Back when we first got started with our first farms, joining forces to produce high-quality dairy products, Homestead Creamery made the decision to find opportunities to partner with local farms and makers that share our values in quality assurance and doing honest business. That’s why we bring great companies like Boone’s Country Store into our offerings for Home Delivery and to stock our Farm Market shelves.

Boone’s Country Store

Boone’s Country Store is located just down the road from the Farm Market in Boones Mill, VA. The store has been open since 1975 and boasts three generations of family-owned and operated business. Their main focus? Baked goods! From rich loaves of bread to farm fresh pies, they make all of their baked goods from scratch on-site, every day. But that’s not the only draw to this quaint country store.

When you visit Boone’s Country Store, it feels like you’re walking through a time warp to simpler times when country stores were your go-to for groceries and home goods. The store is decorated with handmade quilts, novelty items, and even supplies to make your own quilts! Their shelves are stocked with fresh vegetables, local eggs, honey, and dry goods like spices and homeopathic health remedies.

The Perfect Partnership

Our partnership with Boone’s Country Store came naturally. While we sell many of their products in our Farm Market, we saw a great opportunity to expand their bakery business with our Home Delivery operations. In fact, our Milkman, Brian Howell, cites Boone’s loaves of bread as some of the highest selling non-Homestead products on the menu! Get a taste for some of the products we sell below!

Baked Apple Pie

Fruit Danish

Single Cinnamon Bun

Sticky Buns

Pumpkin Bread

Maple Twist

Mini Cinnamon Buns

White Bread

Wheat Bread

Chicken Pot Pie