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Farm Market Picks for Father’s Day

Farm Market Picks for Father’s Day

Show the men in your life some love on this Father’s Day and let them know how much you appreciate them with a locally purchased gift. We have picked our favorite gifts from our Farm Market that we know dad will enjoy. 

1. Homestead Creamery 20th Anniversary Coffee Mug and 2. Red Rooster Coffee

Our keepsake camp ceramic mug has the Homestead Creamery logo on one side and our 20th Anniversary logo on the other side. These mugs are dishwasher and microwave friendly. 

Red Rooster Coffee from Floyd, VA offers exotic coffees from around the world. While they’ve won numerous awards and accolades for their coffee quality, their true passion is in making a positive social impact both at home and abroad at the coffee’s origin. Our Farm Market carries several of their coffees, so you are sure to find dad’s new favorite flavor. 

Homestead Creamery logo coffee mugs












3. Leather Patch 112 Richardson Trucker Caps

These hats are high quality and look great on anyone. You’ll want to grab one for yourself. 

Logo leather patch hats




















4. Homestead Creamery signature sauces 

We have partnered with a Virginia canning company to create our signature sauces. Use on meats or veggies, grill or bake, these sauces are the perfect compliment to locally grown food! 











5. Virginia Peanuts from Feridies and Whitley’s 

Virginia is known for large, gourmet peanuts. These two companies offer a lot of variety and their signature salted. Peanuts make a great, healthy snack while on the golf course, boating at the lake, or watching a favorite movie. 











6. Homestead Creamery Ice Cream 

He will be glad you picked up his favorite ice cream! Super premium and super creamy, our ice cream will be a gift the whole family will enjoy!