Ribbon Cutting

Farm Market Remodel Ribbon Cutting

Farm Market Remodel Ribbon Cutting

The Farm Market is a special place. To many, it is a place to shop for local goods. For others it is a place to celebrate milestones with a favorite ice cream flavor or a place to find joy during a bad day. And for some it is a destination, where their favorite dairy products are made. 

We were thrilled to celebrate the Farm Market remodel last week! The Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce co-hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony that helped us to showcase the improvements, reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. We were so honored that people took the time to come celebrate with us!

For the last 20 years, Homestead Creamery has been fortunate to have the best customers, ones who are loyal and care about local farmers and quality products.

It is those customers we had in mind when we decided to remodel the Farm Market. We wanted to create a better space for them, for you. We hope you will notice the better flow that will allow customers to easily order their favorite deli items or ice cream cone.

We also wanted to make more room for local products that help support other farmers and artisans. Preserving the small family farm community is an important mission of Homestead Creamery. And we are excited to offer more local products!

This remodel and all our success here at Homestead Creamery wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers, or our dedicated employees. Thank you for your continued support!


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We hope you will visit us soon! To hear the speeches made at the Ribbon Cutting, visit Facebook. To take a virtual tour of the Farm Market, visit Facebook