Pumpkin Ice Cream

Four Favorite Seasonal Ice Cream And Dessert Pairings

Four Favorite Seasonal Ice Cream And Dessert Pairings

The holiday season is a favorite time of the year here at Homestead Creamery. Not only do we love spending quality time with our friends and family, we LOVE bringing out our seasonal ice cream flavors. This year we wanted to give all of our supporters some of our most favorite pairings to go along with our seasonal flavors. Don’t forget your napkin because this is sure to get you drooling!

Pumpkin Ice Cream & Ginger Snap Cookies

The taste of fall. Our Pumpkin ice cream paired with warm ginger snap cookies will put anyone in the mood for a stroll in the crisp fall air. And leave you wanting a second serving!

Eggnog Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate

Eggnog and hot chocolate go so well together that you can find a recipe for eggnog hot chocolate just about anywhere! However, there’s something really special about a warm cup of hot cocoa and the cooling taste of eggnog ice cream that gets us totally in the holiday spirit.

Peppermint Ice Cream & Brownies

Now THIS is the combination of any chocolate lover’s dream. Sweet peppermint ice cream brings out the best in a rich chocolatey brownie. Bonus points for pairing with a dark chocolate brownie.

Apple Pie Ice Cream & Cinnamon Buns

Is there anything more classic than apples and cinnamon? We don’t think so. That’s why apple pie ice cream and cinnamon buns are the perfect match. Try it for yourself! I’m sure we don’t need to convince you.

Now that you’re officially ready for the holidays with these pairings, let us know if you loved them too! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations. You can find these flavors in our Farm Market or you can check our store locator for Homestead Creamery products near you!