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Frequently Asked Questions About Our New A2A2 Milk

Frequently Asked Questions About Our New A2A2 Milk

Two weeks ago, we excitedly announced our new line of all natural, A2A2 milk. This milk features only the A2 protein instead of both the A1 and A2 protein. Research shows that this type of milk is a possible solution for individuals that find discomfort from drinking most ordinary milk. As this new product begins to show up on Earth Fare shelves this week and in other stores over time, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions so you can feel well informed about this new, innovative concept!

Which Lines of Homestead Creamery Dairy Products Will Feature the A2A2 Proteins?

Currently, we will only be offering our new A2A2 milk in 2%, reduced fat milk. This is our most popular milk line and we would like to reach as many individuals as possible with the option to be able to drink milk again. Over time, we do plan to expand our A2A2 line to our other milk lines and eventually to our butter and ice cream. As we add each line, we will make formal announcements so you can be completely up to date.

Can People With Lactose Intolerance Drink This Milk?

Individuals who have taken the medical test to confirm that they have an intolerance to lactose should not drink this milk. It does still contain the lactose enzyme that causes digestive problems. If you have “self-diagnosed” or suspect that you have lactose intolerance, this milk could still be a solution for you. We recommend trying it in a small amount to see your reaction or visiting your doctor to get tested for lactose intolerance before trying it.

Can People With The Milk Protein Allergy Drink This Milk?

A milk protein allergy is different from a milk protein sensitivity. If you have sought out a doctor to discover a true allergic reaction to proteins in milk, we do not recommend trying this milk. It could still cause adverse reactions.

Then Who Is This Milk For?

This milk is for individuals that experience some general discomfort from consuming dairy products that have not identified an exact medical cause. Research has shown the majority of people that have adverse reactions are reacting to the difficulty of breaking down the A1 protein. Without this protein, individuals may be relieved from those adverse effects.

Where Can I Find It?

Our A2A2 Reduced Fat Milk can now be found in all Earth Fare stores across the country. It will also be available in all Kroger Mid-Atlantic stores soon. We will make a formal announcement when it is available.

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Is This Milk Natural Or Modified?

This A2A2 milk is entirely naturally produced by the cows at our partner farms. The only difference from our other milk is the types of proteins that the cows are naturally producing. Some cows naturally produce the A1-A2 combination of proteins, others naturally produce the A2-A2 combination. This milk is from cows that have been genetically tested to prove that they only produce the A2-A2 combination and it is gently processed using the same techniques that we’ve always used.

Does This Change the Nutritional Factors of the Milk?

When drinking our A2A2 Reduced Fat Milk, you will receive all of the same nutrition that you would normally receive from our regular 2%, Reduced Fat Milk.