Get Back to Milk in 2020

Get Back to Milk in 2020

Get Back to Milk in 2020

It’s the time of year that we re-examine our habits and lifestyle choices and make changes for the better. Is your new direction in life sending you back towards the dairy aisle?

Why You Should Add Real Milk To Your Diet

No matter what your nutrition goals are in 2020, milk should be a central part of your diet. Cutting out food groups may be trendy, but nothing beats a well balanced diet.

Benefits of Milk In Your Diet:

While plant-based alternatives to milk are becoming more popular and part of these fad diets, they simply¬†can’t stand up to the well balanced nutrition of real cow’s milk. They often contain more sugar, more foreign ingredients, and fewer essential nutrients. The proof is in the label.

Get Stomach Aches from Milk?

We understand sometimes milk doesn’t always work with your digestive system, but in 2018 we began producing A2A2 milk, which could provide you with the nutrients you need without the belly-ache.

A2A2 milk is becoming more and more popular due to its lack of the A1 protein that typically triggers stomach sensitivity. While this doesn’t solve the problem for people who are truly lactose intolerant, it could provide an opportunity for those with an adverse reaction to the A1 protein with an opportunity to get back to real milk.

Buy Local

Our final piece of advice is to choose to buy local when you make your grand return to loving milk. Homestead Creamery products are produced in partnership with small, family-owned farms and gently processed at a local creamery in Franklin County, VA. We’re dedicated to producing only the highest quality nutritional products and operating sustainably with glass bottles.

To find an ice cold glass bottle near you, use our store locator tool. Welcome back to milk!