Ice Cream Cones

The History of the Ice Cream Cone

The History of the Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream and cones go together like peanut butter and jelly. But have you ever wondered when this delicious combination first started? Here’s the scoop on the history of the ice cream cone:

In The Beginning

The ice cream cone’s story starts right here in the United States. More specifically, New York City in 1896. Italian immigrant and ice cream vendor, Italo Marchiony, is credited for creating the very first ice cream cone. He received the patent for the idea in 1903.

However, the history of the first ice cream cone can get a little muddy depending on who you ask. Some may reference Ernest A. Hamwi with the creation. The story goes, at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, MO, Hamwi was selling zalabis next to an ice cream stand that happened to run out of cups. Hamwi rolled one of his wafer-like waffles into the shape of a cone and gave it to the ice cream vendor to sell along with his scoops.

The true inception of the ice cream cone may be up for debate; but either way, we’re glad it was made!

Ice Cream Cone Innovations

While the first ice cream cone may have been simple in nature, that certainly isn’t the case today. Classics like waffle, sugar, and cake cones can be found seemingly everywhere, but you don’t have to look very far to find a new innovative cone for your scoop.

Pretzel cones, cookie cones, and even pizza cones are rising in popularity among ice cream lovers. Ice cream, in general, has sparked creativity amongst the food community. Artisanal ice cream parlors combine unusual flavors and ingredients to come up with some excitingly unique combinations (yes, Ketchup ice cream is a thing).

No matter the flavor, the cone plays a very important role in ice cream innovations. Cotton Candy ice cream cone anyone? We say yes!

While the beginning of the ice cream cone may be unclear, we can be certain that the future looks delicious! Don’t forget to check out all18 of our yummy flavors  available in stores near you to pair with your favorite cone. If you’re looking for our specialty flavors, visit our Farm Market to see what’s in season!