Holiday Bottle Tradition Continues

Holiday Bottle Tradition Continues

Holiday Bottle Tradition Continues

Each year we are humbled to know that our eggnog and custard have become a part of many holiday traditions. Seeing customer photos and reading notes about sharing their first bottle of the season with family and friends gives us great joy. And it is always fun to hear that we converted someone who did not care for eggnog into an eggnog fan!

Shortly after we announce that eggnog and custard season has finally arrived, we start to receive notes asking when our holiday bottle will be released. It has also become a tradition for many to search the grocery store shelves near and far for the special edition bottle.

Since 2002 Homestead Creamery has released a limited-edition bottle that is first used to bottle eggnog and custard. Some bottles make it back in the bottle return process and will show up throughout the year as chocolate milk, cowpuccino, or any other bottled product.

“Our company was founded on Christian principles so we wanted to share and offer an inspiring gift to our customers for the Christmas season. The limited edition Christmas bottle provides a special message each year about the real reason for the Christmas celebration that our customers could accumulate as a collection.” says Donnie Montgomery, co-founder of Homestead Creamery.

The bottle tradition and it’s following was featured in a Dec 2017 Roanoke Times article, Franklin County dairy’s holiday bottles tradition gains a following.

While its difficult for us to say when or if these special bottles will show up on a shelf near you, we hope you will delight in the hunt and the products in them!

We have had fun selecting each design and hope you enjoy seeing the slideshow of all 19 years, including the one and only half gallon holiday bottle from the very first year the tradition began. To find a location near you that carries our milk please visit Homestead Creamery Near You.