Milk Delivery
Home Delivery

Serving the Roanoke Valley and Lynchburg, VA areas

Home Delivery was started in 2006 and built on the idea of marketing and delivering our dairy products directly to our customers. Today, we serve areas in Franklin County, Roanoke County, Roanoke City and parts of Lynchburg, Botetourt and Salem.

Getting Started

Your friendly Homestead Creamery Milkman can bring our famous dairy products, partner farms’ produce and delicious specialty products right to your door every week. See what we have to offer and get your first order started by exploring our online interactive menu.




How Often Will I Get Delivery?

Your milkman will deliver once a week on your specified day.

Is There A Delivery Fee?

Yes, there is a $6.99 delivery fee each time you order unless your order is over $45.00.

What if I am not at home for the delivery?

When you sign up with your address, we will let you know ahead of time what day we deliver to your neighborhood so you can plan accordingly.  Your milkman will be happy to leave your items in a cooler you put out for him.  You may put in the comments of your order where to place the products.  Another option is to have your milkman place your products in a garage refrigerator.

How do I pay for the delivery?

Your credit card will be charged after your delivery is made, within one business day. If you wish to pay with a check, please call our office during normal business hours 540-721-2045, option 2. Cash will no longer be accepted.

When will my delivery arrive?

When you place your first home delivery order through our website, a representative will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order and delivery day.

Can I just have a standing order?

Yes, if you would like to have a standing order (the same thing delivered every week without actively ordering) you can add that in the online ordering system. We do encourage you to check back often to see new products and sales!

Can I return bottles that I have purchased at another retail location?

Yes, you may leave all of your return bottles out for your Milkman to pick up.

How do I place my order?

We strongly encourage you to place your order online, https://delivery.homesteadcreameryinc.com

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, $12 is the minimum order!

What if I need to skip a delivery?

You can place a vacation hold on your account, just select the dates you will wish to be on hold in the system.

What do I do if I want to stop service?

While we hope we can address any reason you may want to stop service, you may call us at 540-721-2045 or email us at homedelivery@homesteadcreameryinc.com if you would like to deactivate your account.