Homestead Creamery Announces New Home Delivery System

Homestead Creamery Announces New Home Delivery System

Homestead Creamery Announces New Home Delivery System

Bringing Back the Milkman

Homestead Creamery’s home delivery service has become a staple of living in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding region. When people move to the region and see Homestead Creamery coolers sitting on front porches, they’re excited to hear that they can have farm-fresh milk in glass bottles delivered directly to their door.

And to us, it’s been a pleasure serving our customers with quality products on their doorstep. While we have improved things along the way, we’re thrilled to announce that we have a new Home Delivery ordering system that will allow us to serve our customers better.

Easier than Ever Before

Featuring easy “add to cart” shopping functionality, product photos, and saved orders at your customizable frequency, our new software is taking Home Delivery to the next level! In addition, the software allows for better route management – We have managed routes manually for many years, but it can now be done with the click of a button!

“The new software will also make it easier for us to source even more from local farmers and local businesses,” said Rose Jeter, Sales and Marketing Manager. “We look forward to continuing to support our local food system in this way, bringing more local products to the doorsteps of our Home Delivery customers.”

We have invested in all of these features so we can better serve you. We are hopeful that the efficiency of the new system will allow us to handle greater demand and ensure a higher quality of service across the board.

Serving our Customers

If you live in the Roanoke area and are interested in Home Delivery, please check out our Home Delivery page for more information. And rest assured that if you aren’t currently in our delivery radius, we are working hard and investing in the infrastructure and partnerships needed to expand to new areas in the future.

Thank you all for your support – from our cows, farmers, milkmen, and all of us here at Homestead Creamery!