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Homestead Creamery Introduces Milk Line With A2A2 Proteins

Homestead Creamery Introduces Milk Line With A2A2 Proteins

You already know that our farmers and our Cream Team work hard to ensure every drop of dairy that passes through our creamery upholds the high standards of taste, nutrition, and purity that we are dedicated to providing to our customers. As we learn more and more about food and nutrition through research and development, we find new ways to improve our product to truly meet and exceed those standards – which brings us to 2018 and our new initiative for producing great tasting milk for a wider audience of dairy lovers.

Homestead Creamery is excited to announce that we are now producing milk that is from cows that have been tested to have the DNA that produces 100% A2-A2 milk.

A2 Cows

What is A2-A2 Milk?

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have already heard of milk from A2-A2 cows. It’s quickly becoming a leading innovation in the industry. A2-A2 milk refers to milk that only contains one type of protein: A2 beta-casein. Most milk that you purchase in a store contains both the A1 and A2 beta-casein, but research studies have shown evidence that our bodies may digest the two different types of protein differently. In these studies, people who have experienced adverse gastrointestinal effects of milk consumption, which resemble those in lactose intolerance, were able to drink milk with two A2 proteins with no adverse reactions.

The A1-A2 beta-casein is suspected to cause lactose intolerance symptoms and dairy allergies because the digestive enzymes interact with the A1 protein differently from A2, and therefore, are processed differently by the digestive system. Some people find a combination with A1 difficult to digest. Milk with only the A2 beta-casein may be more compatible with the human digestive tract.

How is Homestead Creamery A2-A2 Milk Made?

Milk with A2 only proteins isn’t made differently from regular milk. It doesn’t change the pasteurization process, nor does it rely on additives to change the milk – it’s simply milk that comes from cows that have two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA. Our milk with A2A2 will be the same great tasting, high-quality milk you know and love, it may just be easier to digest for some of our fans!

Essentially, we’re welcoming people back to milk the way milk should feel!

Why We Chose A2-A2 Milk

Once Homestead Creamery became aware of the research a few years ago, the decision was made with our partner farmers to work towards herds that only produce A2 proteins. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to experience milk the way milk should taste, without a stomach ache! While this doesn’t change how we process our milk, it will allow a wider group of people to enjoy it.

In working towards having 100% A2-A2 cow herds, we have worked through selective breeding, over a long period of time. One of our farms is now a 100% A2-A2 herd and the others are getting closer by the day. We will be launching a brand-new line of A2-A2 milk made from local farms very soon; until then, you’ll still be able to purchase our classic line of milk.

Stay tuned for more information on when it will hit the shelves at your local store!