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How Dairy Can Help You Crush Your New Years Resolutions

How Dairy Can Help You Crush Your New Years Resolutions

Resolving to drink more dairy in 2019 is a rather specific goal, but it could be a major contributor to a variety of other personal goals. Taking the time to think through what you truly want to accomplish will help you set more achievable goals. So what do you want to achieve in 2019? Eating local foods, having a balanced diet, build some muscle? Milk can help!

Drink More Local Dairy

Eating local can have a lot of positive impact, both personally and for the overall community. Taking the time to find local companies the produce high quality products support the economy in which you live. Money that you spend with local businesses circulates back into your community. In addition, cutting out lengthy supply chains can reduce the environmental impact of your purchases.

One of the biggest benefits is knowing who and where you are getting your food from. You can build relationships with brands you can trust, you know you’ll always be talking to a person when you have a question, and you can depend on a certain level of quality.

Adding Dairy to Your Diet

When most people think about a diet, they think of cutting things out. While this may be the case for some, the reality is that diets are more efficient when your body is receiving a balance of nutrients with everything in moderation. A well balanced diet is the best kind of diet. There is endless research that demonstrates the nutritional value of milk. With over 15 essential vitamins and minerals at a generous daily value percentage, you really can’t afford to cut milk out of your diet!

Building Muscle with Dairy

Chocolate milk has recently risen to be the number one post-workout beverage! Chocolate milk has the ideal protein to carbohydrate ratio that provides your body with the fuel you need for short term recovery and long term muscle building after an intense aerobic exercise. So if your goal is to get into better shape, we’ve got something delicious and nutritious for you. Our chocolate milk has 8 grams of protein to put that extra pep in your step! It’s also minimally processed so the proteins aren’t denatured by ultra pasteurization, giving you the maximum benefit. And let’s be honest, that rich chocolatey flavor makes us want to drink even more of it!

Recycle More with Homestead Creamery

The best part about drinking milk from Homestead Creamery is that our recycled glass bottles help you reach your goal of having less of an impact on the environment! Aside from the way glass bottles maintain that farm fresh taste, recycled glass bottles are just a small way we can operate sustainably. Whatever your goals are for the new year, there are some great ways to incorporate dairy into your daily life. All you have to do is find a bottle near you!