How Your Choice of Milk Impacts the Environment

How Your Choice of Milk Impacts the Environment

How Your Choice of Milk Impacts the Environment

We realize sustainability is a big factor for a lot of our customers and are pleased to be a part of the waste-reduction movement.

Let’s take a closer look about the impact you have on your environment when you reach for a Homestead Creamery Glass bottle.

Ditch the Plastic Bottle

According to Conservation.org, there are 8 million metric tons of plastic dumped into oceans each year. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. How much of an impact does your milk choice have on that number?

We used PlasticsPledge.org’s plastics calculator to discover how much plastic consumers may be contributing to that number each year. If your family drinks two gallons of milk a week, every week of the year, you contribute 104 plastic bottles to the count each year. That’s 13 pounds of plastic a year and upwards of 700-1,000 pounds of plastic throughout your lifetime. That’s just from milk!

Yes, you can recycle, but recycling takes a lot of energy and resources. You can’t always guarantee that your milk bottles meet recycling guidelines when they’re sent off to the facility.

When we chose to package our milk in reusable glass bottles, it wasn’t just for the gimmick of nostalgia. It was a conscious choice to respect the land that feeds our cows and the earth on which we all get to live. When you choose Homestead Creamery, you’re reducing your plastic footprint and getting a high-quality, great-tasting product.

Bonus Perks of Glass Bottles

We’d be missing a great opportunity if we didn’t talk about the other benefits of choosing milk in glass bottles. Most people purchase Homestead Creamery because it’s milk “the way milk should taste”. Our glass bottles play a big role in maintaining that quality and flavor. Glass bottles provide additional insulation, which keeps it colder- an important part of great tasting milk. The glass also doesn’t contribute to the taste in any way like other containers might. That farm fresh flavor is locked in and longer lasting!

At the end of the day, a small change in habit can have a big impact. Choosing glass bottles could be the beginning of  a major lifestyle change. Do you want to know more about our returnable glass bottle program? Learn how to participate. All it takes is buying your first bottle.