Delivering Milk

Keeping Home Delivery Cool

Keeping Home Delivery Cool

While we agree that ordering farm fresh dairy, produce, and meats directly to your door IS the cool thing to do, that’s not what we mean by the title of this blog. We’re here to talk about how we deliver your favorite local products throughout the day while you’re out at work, running errands, or sometimes early in the morning before you even rise!

A lot of people wonder about the logistics of carrying out this service for our family, friends, and fans. Well, it’s quite simple really. In a world where delivered goods are just starting to make a comeback, we’ve been doing it for years! We have a few special tools that make it all happen.

Our Home Delivery Trucks

You may have seen our signature milk truck on the front lawn at the Farm Market lately. The iconic Divco Truck is exactly what you might imagine when you think back on the nostalgia of days when the milkman would bring your glass bottles right to your door. The Divco (Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company) began designing gasoline powered trucks in the early 1920s to allow for heavier loads on delivery trucks. Divco Truck of 1940 was one of the early refrigerated vehicle for short range travel, primarily for milk delivery!

While the Divco Truck is no longer on the road, we see it as a meaningful nod to the quintessential milkmen of generations before. Today, Brent, Justin, and Brian ride around in a much different looking truck. Our modern milk trucks have advanced climate control that allow us to delivery everything from chilled fresh produce to our tasty frozen ice cream!

Our Home Delivery Boxes

Because many of you are either still sleeping or have already started off your day when our milkmen arrive at your door, we’ve found a great way to allow us to deliver your food with your doorstep without the dangers of it spoiling before you’re able to bring it inside. One of the easiest neighborhoods to spot our famous milk boxes is in the walkable Old Southwest Roanoke. On any given street, you can spot our big white boxes with our logo on it sitting on the grand porches of the old victorian homes.

These boxes are essentially your own personal Homestead Creamery cooler! Our milk boxes are more than just for looks, they’re heavily insulated to lock in the cool air generated by your cold dairy, product, and meats. It is important to have an ice pack or ice in there for a hot summer day, but you can always know when to expect us so it’s easy to know if you can swing by to bring your items in throughout the day.

Don’t Forget the Glass Bottles!

What kind of insulation do you think works better, plastic or glass? If you guess glass, you guessed right! The thick, recyclable glass bottles that we use to bottle our milk provides an extra layer of insulation to keep your milk ice cold and creamy. It’s just a shame we can’t put all of our Home Delivery products in our glass bottles! For now, we’ll just stick to the great tasting milk you know and love. And let’s be honest, that’s the product you’re most excited to receive anyway!

Think you’re ready to see how cool Home Delivery is for yourself? See all of the products we offer and learn if we deliver to an area near you on our Home Delivery page!