Ice Cream Scoops

How We Make Ice Cream the Way It Should Taste!

How We Make Ice Cream the Way It Should Taste!

There’s truly nothing better than a sweet, savory scoop of ice cream to top off your afternoon. At least, we think so. In fact, we sometimes reward ourselves with a scoop of our favorite flavors at the Farm Market after a long day slow churning and hand dipping it into fresh cartons.

Some folks tell us our ice cream is different from any ice cream they’ve ever tasted, but they just can’t put their finger on it – like it’s at the tip of their tongue. But we have some thoughts on why that is…

It Starts with a High-Quality Dairy Base

We gently process our milk to the have a thick creamy flavor that makes you pour that second glass, all while locking in the nutrition your body needs to keep lifting those glass bottles! The cream that we separate from our milk is then re-used for our ice cream. It’s part of the French custard base, the true source of that thick, rich texture in every bite. That’s how we know that every drop of dairy that goes into our ice cream is nutritious and delicious – the ideal base for a rich, creamy scoop.

And Continues with the Process

We make our ice cream mix in-house with our hand-selected ingredients and keep them cold in holding tanks at the creamery. The real magic happens in our 42-quart churning machines, where we add the all-natural flavors. Then, paddles will slow churn the ice cram for approximately 10-12 minutes until it’s rich and thick, almost like a soft serve.

What’s the key to getting a big chunk of pecan or chocolate in every bite? The timing. We add our additional ingredients towards the end of the churn to make sure the paddles don’t have time to break them up, but just enough time to mix it thoroughly into every bite. Then, we hand dip each carton and cup to make sure it’s filled to the brim.

On any given day, you can find our Cream Team churning out up to 1,800 quarts a day!

Keeping Things Clean

Another part of the process that’s important to us is keeping things clean. It can truly make a difference in the products we make! We thoroughly clean our tanks and machinery each day to make sure you’re only getting the freshest ingredients possible. We order ingredients only as needed, so you never have to worry about your favorite chunks sitting around on a pallet for too long.

Finally, we strive to serve anyone and everyone who can enjoy ice cream. Our customers are as important to us as the flavor of our ice cream. That’s why we batch any ice cream with allergen ingredients at the end of the day. That way, we’ll know the machinery has been thoroughly cleaned twice over and is free from any chance of cross-contamination.

We’re always trying new flavors at our Farm Market and with our ice cream truck, so be sure to come by the store or catch us at the next event to see what’s new or get a scoop of an old favorite! You can also use our Where to Buy feature to find a quart in stores near you!