Brent Craighead

Meet Your Milkman: Brent

Meet Your Milkman: Brent

If you live in the South Roanoke, Salem, or Floyd area, you’ve probably seen Brent Craighead driving one of the Homestead Home Delivery trucks by your house. After working as a milkman for about a year an a half, Brent is one of our official Certified Milkmen. He treats our customers like family and shows a dedication to our core principles of showing character, having a positive attitude, showing respect, and of course, effort. He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers get the products they love delivered to their front door.

Meet Your Milkman

Brent hails from the mountains of Floyd, Virginia but by now, he knows the roads of the Roanoke Valley like the back of his hand. When you get up at 1:30 A.M. to be on the road before the traffic hits, you get to take your time learning the curves and knowing the neighborhoods. In an interview with the Roanoke Times earlier this year, he even notes that he typically sees more wildlife than people at that hour!

Brent spent 25 years working as a woodworker with his father and in his own shop, building anything from houses to furniture. He was seeking something new when he came to Homestead Creamery a few years ago. Brent started out working at the creamery in production. He moved on to transporting milk from the farms and eventually landed the job as a milkman, delivering to about 90-100 locations per day. If anyone can vouch for our 100% farm fresh guarantee, he can!

Brent really values the face time he gets with his customers, or at least those that are awake when he delivers. Half of his customers are still sleeping when he drops off their delicious dairy, meats, and produce! But those who are awake, he really enjoys visiting with – like Dixie the dog, who he sees every Wednesday!

More than a Milkman

When we say Brent goes above and beyond for his customers, we mean it. He’s even helped one of his customers clean and reattach her gutters after her husbands’ passing. He sees his customers as family, meaning he’ll take care of them in any way he can.

“Basically, the only thing I haven’t done for my customers is cook breakfast for them!” says Brent, with a chuckle. He doesn’t mind going the extra mile to make his customers’ days a little bit brighter.

He carries that with him to his out of work activities too. When he’s not in the shop working on furniture for veterans or spending time with his wife and daughter, he ministers to inmates at the regional jail. He appreciates working for a company that shares his values in character and doing whatever you can to help people.

Get Your Own Milkman

We would love to have Brent or one of our other milkmen bring fresh products from Homestead Creamery and local family farms right to your door! If you live in the Franklin County, Roanoke-Salem, Botetourt, and Lynchburg areas, explore our Home Delivery menu and place your first order!

Not sure what to get? Brent suggests Homestead Creamery ice cream, Boone’s Country Store’s lasagne, and farm fresh eggs and bacon from the Bowman’s Farm!