Milk Man & Truck

Meet Your Milkman: Brian

Meet Your Milkman: Brian

On a quiet street in Troutville, before the morning news starts and the kids wake up for school, you might spot a Homestead Creamery truck driving through your sleepy neighborhood. Don’t worry if you notice a man donning a Homestead Creamery uniform quietly delivering food to your neighbor’s home, it’s just Brian Howell, their friendly milkman.

Part of Homestead Creamery’s distribution operations includes Home Delivery local to Franklin County, the Roanoke Valley, and parts of Lynchburg. With a team of four milkmen, trucks stocked full of Homestead Creamery dairy products and a full menu of other meats, breads, produce and more from local and national vendors, set out on the road every morning around 3:30 AM.

Brian joined the team in early 2015. Initially, he thought he was applying for a job on the dairy farm themselves, but he was pleasantly surprised to be presented with an opportunity to become a milkman. He never really thought he’d ever be a milkman, as there are very few that still deliver in the United States, but he’s very thankful that he embraced the opportunity. He’s now been delivering to most of his routes for almost 3 years!

Life on the Road

The nice thing about getting up at 2:30 AM is no morning traffic! Brian gets to enjoy the scenes of Botetourt, Roanoke, and Lynchburg with next to nothing in his rear view and only the road ahead of him. Even better than the freedom of the open road is the freedom Brian gets to design his own routes, take a little longer to hear a good story from one of his customers, and help them discover new products to try!

Brian is dedicated to making sure that every order of wholesome milk, rich ice cream, and all-natural butter get delivered, not just because he believes in Homestead Creamery’s products, but because he truly cares about his customers. Once a week, he gets to see his favorite families, get a little love from their dogs, and hear about their week.

“You get to know kids’ birthdays. You know their dog’s names. They just really open up to you after a while.” says Brian.

Brian delivers an estimated 500 bottles of milk a week to his customers, but he says Boone County Store’s homemade bread is one of the other most popular items on the menu. If he could suggest something new for you to try, it’d be the seasonal eggnog and custard, without a doubt!

The Man Behind the Milk

When Brian isn’t delivering goods to local families, he’s spending time with his own! With a wife and two kids at home. His day doesn’t stop when he clocks out. From taking the family to the beach for summer vacation or making sure the kids make it to football practice in time, he’s blessed to know that his job also allows time for his family, too. Even if it does mean having to squeeze in an afternoon nap before they get home from school.

Because Homestead was founded by families and run by family farms, we know the importance of spending time with family. Brian finds comfort knowing that he works for a company with family values like his. We seek to treat all of our employees kindly and fairly and we’re happy to hear they think so too!

Get Your Own Milkman

We would love to have Brian or one of our other milkmen bring fresh products from Homestead Creamery and local family farms right to your door! If you live in the Franklin County, Roanoke-Salem, Botetourt, and Lynchburg areas, explore our Home Delivery menu and place your first order! We’ll follow up within 48 business hours to set an estimated time and date of your first delivery if you’re on one of our routes!