New Farm Market Loyalty Program

New Farm Market Loyalty Program

New Farm Market Loyalty Program


New Farm Market Loyalty Program Starting Monday, March 1, 2021

Earn points with every Farm Market purchase and use those points for your favorite Homestead Creamery products and Farm Market deli items!
$1 purchase  = 1 point 
30 points- free small ice cream cone or cup Ice cream in front of Farm Market
75 points- free chips and drink
100 points – free 12 oz milk shake
100 points – free lemonade ½ gallon 
200 points- free regular sized sandwich or salad
250 points – free quart of milk
300 points – free ½ gallon of milk
300 points – free quart of ice cream

How to sign up:
At your next visit to the Farm Market enter your phone number into the screen at check out when prompted. You will receive an SMS text message indicating you have been enrolled and earned your first points, along with a link to your loyalty program status. 
How to use points:
While checking out, sign-in to the loyalty program on the screen using your phone number and select how you want to use your points, or out let the team member at the cash register know you want to use your points. Its that easy! Make sure to use your points within 3 months of purchase, like good dairy products the points do expire. 

Thank you for being the cream of the crop! Your visits to Homestead Creamery support more than the Farm Market, you support our network of small family dairy farms as well as the other farms and small businesses we partner with to bring you the best selection of high quality and locally made products.