Pouring a Glass of Milk

Non-Traditional Uses for Milk Part 2

Non-Traditional Uses for Milk Part 2

Milk is more than yummy! It can be extremely useful for some unique purposes. Let’s look at some milk hacks that can help you restore some of your favorite tableware.

Polishing Silver with milk

Preparing a meal for a group of friends? Don’t cook up delicious food only to serve it with tarnished silver. That’s right, you can polish your silverware with milk!

1. First, you will have to “spoil” the milk. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of milk to sour it.

2. Add the soured milk to a glass pan. Soak your silver pieces in the pan for 30 minutes.

3. Wipe them clean and wash with dish soap.

4. Finally, buff them dry with a soft cloth.

Ta-dah! Silver that sparkles. Make sure to dispose of the sour milk so there’s no accidental drinking!

Repairing a Ceramics/Porcelain Mug

Everyone hates having to throw out their favorite coffee mug because of a crack in the ceramic or porcelain. Here’s the good news: milk can save your favorite mug!

1. Place the cracked mug on your stove in a pot and cover it with two cups of milk. You may need more milk depending on the size of your mug.

2. Heat over low for an hour.

3. Allow to cool in milk, remove and rinse.

If your crack wasn’t too severe, your mug should now be sealed and leak proof! Enjoy a cup of coffee with Homestead Creamery Half & Half to celebrate 🎉

Stay tuned for more awesome milk hacks!