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Non-Traditional Uses for Milk Part 4: Beauty

Non-Traditional Uses for Milk Part 4: Beauty

There’s more to milk than being delicious and nutritious. So far we have talked about how to use it around the house, and to ease skin irritations. Now we’re going to elaborate on the magic milk does on the skin and hair! Beauty lovers, this one’s for you!

1. Gentle Cleanser

Some facial cleansers can be harsh on the skin. If you experience irritations from chemicals in your facial wash, milk may be the answer. Lactic Acid is naturally found in milk and makes a wonderful exfoliant for the skin. Now you can remove dead skin cells without the harsh chemicals found in most cleansers.

Whole milk is recommended for facial cleansing. Just add a dab to a cotton ball and apply directly to the face during your nighttime routine. Wash off in the morning and enjoy baby soft skin.

2. Milk Deep Conditioner

Milk is not just nourishing for the skin. It works wonders on the hair! Milk works great on hair for a couple of reasons. The proteins in milk help to repair brittle or damaged hair from the inside out by replacing the weak hair proteins. Casein protein that is found in milk is known for stimulating hair growth as well.

There are different methods for applying milk to the hair. It really boils down to preference. A quick and easy way is to splash some milk onto your scalp while in the shower. Gently massage it in for about two minutes then rinse. For a deeper conditioning, use a spray bottle to disperse the milk throughout your hair. Comb it through and let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse out.

Incorporating milk into your beauty routine can make for beautiful results. If you’re looking for other uses for milk, check out our other nontraditional uses on our blog!