Pouring a Glass of Milk

Non-traditional Uses for Milk

Non-traditional Uses for Milk

Have you ever wondered what other uses there is for our fabulous milk? Besides drinking and cooking of course. Well, you’re in luck! We have compiled some rather “non-traditional” uses for our milk into a series of blog posts that are sure to save you a trip to the store. Read along for some convenient milk hacks.

Milk isn’t just for keeping bellies happy

Although our favorite use for our milk is to put it in our tummies, there are quite a few around the house chores that can be taken care of with milk.

Shining leather

Is your leather looking lackluster? Bring your leather items back to life with a good milk cleansing. For this you will need 3 rags, 2 buckets, and about 2 cups of milk.

Step 1. Fill one bucket with 2 cups of milk. Your second bucket will be for water.

Step 2. Completely soak one rag with milk. Wring out excess milk.

Step 3. Use that rag to spot treat your leather. Be sure to completely soak the stain with the mixture and leave the rag pressed against the stain for a few seconds. Dab and rub the stain in a circular motion.

Step 4. Use your bowl of water to soak a clean rag. Wring out excess water. Use this rag to wipe the leather clean of all milk.

Step 5. Use a clean dry rag to remove all liquid from your leather. Follow up with some leather conditioner for the cleaned area.

Your finished product will be squeaky clean!

Ink Stains

Nothing’s worse than realizing your favorite shirt has been ruined by a pesky ink stain. Fear not! There’s an easy milk hack to help you out. For this hack you will need vinegar, whole milk, and a large bowl.

Step 1. Place your stained garment a large bowl.

Step 2. Create the milk and vinegar mixture. It must be two parts whole milk and one part vinegar.

Step 3. Pour the liquid over your piece of clothing, being sure to cover the stain completely.

Step 4. Let the clothing soak overnight. If the stain is still slightly visible the next day, rub it lightly with a cloth to remove the remainder of the ink.

Step 5. Throw the piece into the wash to remove the milk and vinegar.

Poof! Stain gone.

The magic of milk. Stay tuned for more tips and trick to maximize the value of our delicious milk!