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Partner Farm Profile: 4 Oaks Farms

Partner Farm Profile: 4 Oaks Farms

We stock our Farm Market shelves with only the freshest local produce available. With strong ties to our local agricultural community, we partner with meat and vegetable farmers to supply a wide array of food options to be paired with our dairy products. Just like our family-owned farms, Four Oaks Farm is a small family farm that grows and sells gourmet lettuce, microgreens, herbs, and more. Being a small family farm hasn’t stopped them from embracing farming innovations that produce top quality products.

Greenhouse Growing & Hydroponics

Four Oaks Farm has chosen to grow their produce in a controlled environment to keep their harvest safe, fresh, and perfectly ripened. They are able to achieve this by growing in a controlled, greenhouse operation utilizing the latest technology in soil-less hydroponic growing.

While it’s a seemingly more complicated set up than outdoor farming, there are many benefits to this technique that make a major difference in quality and production. First, crops are protected from contaminants ranging from acid rain, pests, weeds, and pollutants. This eliminates a need for any protective pesticide treatments. The greenhouse atmosphere also optimizes sunlight to encourage photosynthesis and keeps the area that the crops grow in humid. Finally, the farm is able to control the amount and types of nutrients that the crops receive for optimum quality and growth.

This technique has a positive impact on the environment as well. Studies have shown that hydroponic growing systems require one-tenth of the water than that used in traditional farming. It also reduces the amount of land required for crop production and eliminates the need for heavy equipment that burns fossil fuels.

A Wide Range of Fresh Produce

Four Oaks Farms produces a wide array of lettuce, micro-greens, herbs, and other produce. A few of the top leafy greens include arugula, Pac Choi, romaine, bibb lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, and a custom spring mix!

Don’t forget the micro-greens! Known as “vegetable confetti“, micro-greens are immature leafy greens that are the perfect addition to a dish to add extra green and extra flavor. Their varieties of micro-greens include arugula, radish, cabbage, mustard, scallion, and beet! They also produce delicious basil, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers!

Now that your mouth is watering thinking about a classic BLT with farm fresh lettuce from 4 Oaks Farm, come to visit us at our Farm Market to get some! It’s also available through our Home Delivery service.