Partner Profile: Josh’s Farmers Market

Partner Profile: Josh’s Farmers Market

Partner Profile: Josh’s Farmers Market

About Josh’s Farmers Market

Josh Graham knew a good business idea when he saw it. Selling cantaloupes when he was just ten years old in Mooresville, North Carolina, he understood at an early age that people would make a second stop from their regular supermarket routine for fresh food and quality products.

In seventeen years, Josh grew his business into Josh’s Farmers Market, an open-air roadside stand that features homegrown fruits and vegetables, seasonal flowers and plants, and even fresh seafood in the middle of the North Carolina Piedmont.


A Growing Partnership with Homestead Creamery

When customers began asking for milk in glass bottles, Josh looked for a dairy farm nearby. “Honestly, being a small operation here, I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to work with me,” said Josh.

But once Josh found Homestead Creamery, it was a match made in milk heaven.

At first, Josh ordered a small batch to see how things went and picked up the order across town. To him, the drive was worth it because Homestead Creamery was willing to work with him. Once his customers started noticing Homestead Creamery’s products, Josh knew it was a hit. He asked if he could get a shipment directly to his market in Mooresville.

Now Homestead Creamery’s products have become a mainstay at Josh’s Farmers Market. Selling the full range of Homestead Creamery’s milk products, cheese, butter, and ice cream, Josh said that the quality is what keeps him and his customers coming back for more.

“I never liked skim milk that you purchase at large grocery stores. Our first year selling Homestead Creamery, we had some skim milk left over. I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that I’d like it, but not wanting to let things go to waste, I tried it. Now, it’s my favorite product.”

“It’s so smooth, and the quality is so great. There’s a huge difference in taste between what Homestead Creamery offers and what you get other places,” remarked Josh.

With five children of his own, Josh supports Homestead Creamery as much as his customers. “I probably bring home five bottles of chocolate milk each week,” said Josh. “So if you asked my family, that’d be our favorite product by far.”


From Customer to Advocate

Now the busy farmers market sells 600 bottles of milk each week. When the market is closed during the winter months, Josh takes pre-orders so that loyal customers can continue to enjoy their favorite Homestead Creamery products year-round. He has also been spreading the word about Homestead Creamery to nearby businesses in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area.

“I got two other places in the area to sell their products,” said Josh. “I really appreciated Homestead Creamery working with me years ago. Now it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Besides the quality and freshness, Josh said that people love the nostalgia associated with milk in glass bottles. “Usually at least once each week, a customer will notice that we sell milk in glass bottles,” said Josh. “‘Oh my gosh, look at that!,’ they’ll say. It’s fun to not only offer our customers a bit of nostalgia but also a really great product that stands out from the rest.”

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