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Partner Profile: Potter Family Farms

Partner Profile: Potter Family Farms

The Potter Family Farm has been built over seven generations of hard-working farmers that are passionate about the hands-on, all-natural raising of beef cattle. Located in Lexington, Virginia, the Potter Family Farm began in the mid-1800s along Buffalo Creek – the namesake of their beef brand. Today, they own both Buffalo Creek Beef and the Cattlemen’s Market as a way to directly sell their high quality, farm fresh beef to the public.

Family Farm Values

Homestead Creamery has partnered with the Potter Family based on a few simple family and farming values. We recognize the value in a craft and passion for sustainable, humane farming and so does the Potter Family. We share their farming and food philosophies:

  • We believe that farmers are true stewards of the land and must be the first line of environmental defense.
  • We believe people deserve to know where their food comes from, how it is grown and how it is harvested.
  • We believe in the production and consumption of local foods
  • We believe farmers can be true artisans, producing affordable extraordinary food grown locally for families, restaurants, universities, school and markets.

Buffalo Creek Beef

Buffalo Creek Beef began in 2006 out of a wish to sell their high-grade beef directly to consumers. They had previously sold their cattle to other farms but saw an opportunity the local food movement taking off. All of their beef is locally processed and USDA approved. The cattle are raised on grass and supplemented with a mixture of corn silage and brewers grain that is sourced from the nearby Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company. Because of their well-balanced diet and the hands-on care that they receive from the family, they are able to avoid the need for antibiotics or hormones. When you buy from Buffalo Creek Beef, you just get pure, grass fed beef. That’s why we’ve chosen to sell their products in our Farm Market and Home Delivery program!

Cattlemen’s Market

Our strong relationship with the Potter Family Farm goes two ways. While we sell their products in our own market, they gladly sell Homestead Creamery products in theirs! Located just down the road from their farm, the Cattlemen’s Market is a great place to buy their beef, lamb, and pork straight from the family. It also features a wide variety of farmers market type products from the local area of Lexington.

Southwest and Central Virginia is an area that has a strong agricultural community and we are so lucky to partner with families like our dairy farm families and the Potter Family Farm to provide high quality, great tasting products for customers who appreciate the local food movement!