Sandy River Pork

Partner Farm Profile: Sandy River Pork

Partner Farm Profile: Sandy River Pork

If you’ve tried out our Sausage Gravy Biscuit Casserole, we sure hope you used Sandy River Pork Sausage!

Why? Because when you source your meat from a small local farm, you’re supporting a family business and can feel good knowing that you’re creating a smaller footprint on the environment. That’s why we stock our shelves with the farm fresh pork products produced at Sandy River Farm in Axton, VA.

About the Farmers

Yvonne and Walter Rieck have been running Sandy River Pork Farm for the past 20 years, raising 300 to 400 hogs for market and a small herd of beef cattle. They’ve managed to keep their farm running by selling meat that is free of hormones, steroids, growth stimulants, and antibiotics. They let their livestock roam the fields to eat fresh green grass and keep their diet balanced with feed when needed.

The Riecks work with a processor in Burlington, NC to process the meat, season it with their special secret recipe, and package it for sale. All of the meat is USDA inspected and approved before shipping out to the Homestead Creamery Farm Market in Franklin County, VA. They process and stock weekly, so you know it’s fresh!

Find Sandy River Pork Near You

Sandy River Pork Farm sells a variety of cuts and sausages directly or through farmers markets around Virginia. They’ve got everything from hot country sausage, to fresh ham steaks, to chorizo or sliced liver. Whatever pork you’ve got a hankering for, they’ve got it!

Aside from our Farm Market in Franklin County, VA, you can also find Sandy River Pork sold through our Home Delivery program, at the Roanoke Farmer’s Market, Greenbrier Nurseries, and the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op. If you prefer to eat out, farm to table restaurants like River and Rail, Blue Apron, and Brown Hen serve their pork on their menus!

Visit the Farm

For those looking to get a little taste of life on the hog farm, there’s an onsite cabin for rent! With an open loft and two bedrooms, there’s plenty of room for the whole family with all the amenities of your home. No roughing it here! The family loves sharing the peace and serenity of farm life with views of the mountains and a 3-acre pond to fish.