Bramble Hollow Farm Chickens

Partner Farm Profile: Bramble Hollow Farm

Partner Farm Profile: Bramble Hollow Farm

We wake up each morning to at least one mouth to feed: our own. Maybe you have others to feed as well. Whether it’s just you or a full house, serving healthy and wholesome products like Homestead Creamery milk at breakfast and pasture raised chicken for dinner is a choice you can feel good about.

The Wills family wakes up to about 1,420 mouths to feed on any given day, and that’s just the pigs and chickens! At Bramble Hollow Farm in Montvale, VA, Brent and Anna Wills have been raising chickens against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains for 13 years. Bramble Hollow Farm was started with one goal in mind, to be a hands-on, sustainable farm, where the whole farm family cares for the animals. After starting with just 25 chickens, they now have 1,400, along with 20 hogs and a small herd of cattle on their farm.

A Pasture Raised Partnership

Part of our dedication to being a leader and supporter of agriculture is to source products for our Home Delivery program from other local farms. That initiative, combined with our dedication to providing fresh, all natural products, drove us to partner with Bramble Hollow Farm for the past 4 years.

“Our family has used homestead creamery products. In fact, we would drive down to the Farm Market when it was in a different place to buy their milk. We use their milk, cream, and butter all the time, and as we’ve added children to our family ice cream is really popular, too,” says Anna Wills, a long time Homestead Creamery customer.

Bramble Hollow Farms provides pasture-raised chickens in a variety of options, from a whole chicken to a “cut up in a bag” chicken where everything is separated for you, or just your favorite part in a package. While most people are familiar with pre-cut boneless chicken breasts, buying chicken from Bramble Hollow Farms gives you an opportunity to get a little creative. They’ve even provided recipes on their website to get you started.

When we asked Anna why they decided to sell their products through Homestead Creamery, she put it simply: “We have the same values that Homestead Creamery has: supporting small farms and being someone that the community can look t0, to provide high-quality food. These are things we feel strongly about.”

Why Free Range?

Just like the cows on our small, family farms, the chickens at Bramble Hollow Farm get the chance to enjoy grassy pastures every day. Each morning, they get up and move their pen to an area with fresh grass that’s full of tasty food that chickens love like grass, seed heads, insects and more. They supplement their diet with strictly GMO-free feed that they source locally from Stuarts Draft, VA.

“We’re lucky we can live in a place where we can get local feed,” says Anna. “Ever since we knew it was an option, we’ve made a point to always buy local.”

These chickens get the star treatment through humane penning and a wholesome diet. When it comes time to process, the Wills do it all themselves to ensure that each chicken keeps the level of quality that they’ve set as their standard.

There’s certainly a difference you can taste in Bramble Hollow Farm’s pasture-raised poultry. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself! Get more information on their Homestead Creamery page and our Home Delivery page!