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Partnership Profile: Lakeview Home Delivery

Partnership Profile: Lakeview Home Delivery

You may have figured out by now that we are big fans of farm fresh foods delivered to your door. Through our own Home Delivery program and partner companies like The Neighborhood Harvest, we are able to make sure our dairy products are readily available for those who choose the home delivery lifestyle. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Lakeview Farms Home Delivery to provide our farm fresh products to their customers!

Lakeview Farms is based out of Fort Mill, South Carolina, one of just a few vendors in the state! After years of hearing people wish they could still get farm fresh dairy delivered to their doors like way back in 1969, founder Jim Price, decided to bring the milkman back. But Lakeview Farms is more than just a milk delivery service, like our program, they also deliver other farm fresh products to your door. The current variety of options also includes eggscheesejuicesgrains, and other all-natural brands.

“Homestead Creamery has been there for us and continues to help us strive for success. The products that we receive for our customers have always be consistent and our customers demand our relationship with Homestead because of it,” says Jim Price, Owner of Lakeview Farms. “We look forward to a long relationship with Homestead and are excited about the expansion and new products in the horizon.”

Why Choose to Get Delivery?

There are a lot of benefits to getting home delivered products, aside from the pure convenience! It’s a service that you can count on to bring you local, farm fresh products on the same day each week. Even if there is inclement weather, you can feel good knowing your milk will be waiting for you at your door in a secure insulated box. With online ordering, the experience is seamless. Plus, you get to recycle your glass bottles! Another way we use our signature packaging to reduce waste.

Back when Homestead Creamery was just starting up, we built a strong relationship with Jim by providing our products when he was getting his Home Delivery program off the ground. Through working with him and learning the expertise in this field, we were able to build our own Home Delivery program for local customers!

Curious if we deliver to you? Visit our Home Delivery page to discover the areas we serve and our menu!