The Neighborhood Harvest

Partnership Profile: The Neighborhood Harvest

Partnership Profile: The Neighborhood Harvest

Many have heard the term, “farm-to-table” or even “farm-to-market”. Although “farm-to-door” may not sound familiar at all. The Neighborhood Harvest is looking to change that.

Growing Roots

The Neighborhood Harvest is a home delivery service based out of Suffolk, Virginia that offers organic herbs, greens, lettuces and more. Owners Thomas Vandiver, John Stein, and Eric Coble’s goal was to make hydroponic, non-GMO, pesticide-free greenhouse farmed produce available to the masses and delivered right to their doors. Basil was the main and most popular crop produced by The Neighborhood Harvest when it was founded. You can now find a wide range of greens available on their menu.

While The Neighborhood Harvest has a growing menu, you can be confident that you will find most classic lettuces including romaine, provincial, green leaf, and arugula to be available. Their irrigation chambers at the company’s 18,000-square-foot greenhouse facility is a climate-controlled environment that produces a wide variety of greens. With the produce being grown indoors, it’s harvested all year round.

Quality and Quantity

The Neighborhood Harvest aims to produce the freshest and best quality greens possible. The produce is curated with quality in mind makes a lasting impression on the customers of The Neighborhood Harvest. They offer a wide range including fresh arugula, bibb lettuce, and baby kale.

Vandiver has said that what’s really shocking to people is the flavor of the produce. Great quality produce is a standard for The Neighborhood Harvest, including a great quality taste. They also place a large emphasis on providing a good value for their customers.

The Neighborhood Harvest is always busy harvesting, packing, and shipping out produce daily. Their products are tasty and have about a 10-day shelf-life, which is great for fresh produce. Eliminating waste is very important to the company. Sustainability is reinforced throughout the company.

More Than Green

Although they love green produce, The Neighborhood Harvest has much more to offer to consumers. They are currently carrying Homestead Creamery products such as our milk, butter, and lemonade!

Some of their other specialty items for delivery are brown eggs from pasture-raised chickens on local farms, avocados, and goat cheese. You can also order delicious chocolate cookies with Belgian chocolate chunks available from the group’s sister company, Baker’s Crust of Virginia Beach.

Pricing varies from order to order but you will find that home deliveries start at about $11. It is based on the type and amount of products ordered, plus a $1.99 delivery fee. The value is truly in the quality of the products and the lack of waste, which is why Homestead Creamery is excited to partner with The Neighborhood Harvest!

Currently, The Neighborhood Harvest is available to deliver to most of the Hampton Roads from Smithfield to Virginia Beach, and from Hickory up to Williamsburg. It’s encouraged to check their website here for more information about locations.