Roanoke College Cafeteria

Partnership Profile: Roanoke College

Partnership Profile: Roanoke College

When you think of a school or college cafeteria, you might not necessarily think of mouthwatering options to get excited about. Luckily for the staff and students of Roanoke College, the Colket Center Dining Room offers a wide variety of locally sourced, high-quality food and beverage options – including Homestead Creamery! While most people purchase our products through a store, we also offer bulk purchases to facilities and dining services.

Homestead Creamery at the Colket Center

We talked with the Sous Chef of Dining Services, Brian Murtagh about the college’s initiative to provide the retail and restaurant quality food through their dining programs and why they chose Homestead Creamery products.

“I think that we chose Homestead Creamery, first and foremost, for the quality of their product,” says Brian. “Second is that they are local. We have plenty of local dairy vendors at our disposal but we feel like the way Homestead Creamery pasteurizes their milk and have strong beliefs in no added hormones and non-GMOs puts them at the top of the list.”

Brian had been a fan of Homestead Creamery prior to his position at the college and eagerly discussed his interest in sourcing our products with his head chef. As with most of the choices the dining services program makes, they decided to choose the best option: to support a local business with high-quality products. Now, we’ve been partnering for six years!

On any given day, you can find Homestead Creamery whole milk, chocolate milk, and lemonade being dispensed and enjoyed by students, faculty, and visitors at the dining hall. Although they initially thought lemonade would be a seasonal item, it’s earned it’s permanent place alongside our other dairy staples. They also rotate between soft serve and mini cup ice cream options throughout the week!

“The students love it!” says Brian. “Many students end up going to the store to get other Homestead Creamery products. It has really opened the eyes of locals and students that come from out of state to try their products and visit the Farm Market.”

And for that, we are thankful!

Only As Good As the Company We Keep

Homestead Creamery isn’t the only local business that has partnered with Roanoke College Dining Services. As part of their dedication to keeping money local and keeping quality ingredients available to hungry diners, they hand select vendors that they feel achieve that quality.

“We source high-quality brands like Boar’s Head meats and cheeses because they have no preservatives and have quality ingredients and meat,” says Brian.

In an effort to provide a superior college dining experience, Roanoke College sources local baked goods and produce as much as they can and only serves choice grade beef, farm fresh chicken, and fresh seafood. Just like Homestead Creamery, they use the hydroponic farm, 4 Oaks Lettuce to source some of their fresh greens. They also purchase from Good Food Good People out of Floyd, VA where farmers work together do deliver farm fresh produce.

On the baked goods side, diners can enjoy bagels from Full Moon Bakery and Deli that are baked fresh and delivered daily. They purchase specialty bread for subs and special menu items from Carter’s Bakery out of Charlottesville as well.

Even if you’re not a student or faculty member of Roanoke College, you might want to consider dropping by for a bite to eat. Pair one of their chef’s specialties with our Homestead Creamery Lemonade and finish off with a sweet vanilla soft serve cone!