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Partnership Profile: Roanoke Natural Food Co-Op

Partnership Profile: Roanoke Natural Food Co-Op

Most people who shop at Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op are looking for something simple: good, local food. This so happens to be something that this cooperative delivers almost effortlessly. As the only true food cooperative in the Roanoke region, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op has brought whole foods to the Roanoke Valley since the early 1970s.

What’s A Food Co-operative?

The concept for this particular cooperative began in the basement of Frank and Eva Jo Wu, due to a lack of bulk goods, natural, and organic foods. On their website, the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op defines a cooperative as “an organization that takes the idea of people working together and puts it into a business structure.” That’s certainly something we can get behind! Their mission was to provide high-quality whole foods to the area when, at the time when they were largely inaccessible. The Co-op has gathered a strong supporting membership of upwards of 2,000. The number of customers is even greater.

Homestead Creamery happens to be one of the whole foods that fill the shelves of both the Grandin Village and Downtown cooperative locations. We’re happy to contribute to their locally sourced array of milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream. They even have our delicious new Golden Milk! Offering our natural, minimally processed dairy products for over 9 years, Roanoke Co-op has helped Homestead Creamery become a household name in the Roanoke Valley.

Community Outreach

More than their dedication to natural, local foods, we admire their dedication to the community in which they’ve grown. The principles of the cooperative uphold a commitment to the community through their special events and relationships with local non-profit organizations. Some of the local non-profits that have been helped by the Roanoke Co-op just this year include Bradley Free Clinic, Camp Roanoke, Clean Valley Council, Explore Park, Rail Solution, and among others.

Their most famous programs are their round up and token programs. Anytime your purchase is more than a rounded dollar’s amount, you have the opportunity to donate your change to a local non-profit organization featured every month. When you make a purchase and forgo your bag, you’ll get a token to choose from a list of non-profits for the cooperative to make a food, money, or gift certificate donation to.

Become A Partner

Interested in becoming more than a Co-op customer? Any shopper can become an owner at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op! Buying share at the Co-op allows you to vote and run for Board of Directors elections, receive an annual rebate check, and find extra savings exclusively available to owners. So what are you waiting for? Support local food today!

If you’d also like to know more about being a partner with Homestead Creamery by distributing our products, let us know! Learn more on our Carry Homestead page and leave us a message.