Whole Foods Market

Partnership Profile: Whole Foods Market

Partnership Profile: Whole Foods Market

Fans of Whole Foods Market grocery stores know that when they walk through those sliding glass doors, they’ll find some of the most high-quality food options on the market. As the nation’s largest leading natural and organic grocery store, they’re dedicated to stocking their shelves with “incredible quality from credible sources“. As a company that shares that dedication to producing high-quality dairy products, Homestead Creamery is quite proud to be included as one of those credible suppliers of natural, nutritious foods.

Get to Know Your Grocer

The food industry can be a difficult concept to grasp and at times, even more, difficult to trust. One of our biggest goals for building relationships with our customers is securing. trust and providing information that helps our customers better understand where their food is coming from. From agriculture and food manufacturing to all of the moving parts in the food supply chain, one thing a consumer can find peace of mind in is knowing who they’re buying their food from and that they value your nutrition and quality of food as much as you do. As members of this industry, it’s our duty to be sure we’re providing our customers with this peace of mind.

Whole Foods Market opened the doors of their first location, in Austin, Texas in September of 1980. The four founders wanted to build “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” as their trademark says. In order to do so, they only stock their shelves with the finest natural and organic foods available that meet strict quality standards like pure ingredients and animal welfare; quality standards that just so happened to align with ours.

Why Whole Foods Market

When we seek out distributors for our products, we have to be sure that they operate with the same passion for selling products with unmatched quality, seek to deliver the same caliber of outstanding customer service that our milkmen and Farm Market employees give, and have a passion for being a good corporate citizen in their surrounding communities. We never compromise our values and standards, so why would we let our distributors?

We work hard to make sure every drop of milk retains flavor and nutrition. We make our ice cream in small batches to be sure every bite has the richness of the all natural ingredients. These are also the kinds of qualities Whole Foods look for in a supplier. Needless to say, the partnership came naturally.

Find Homestead on the Shelves

Our current partnership involves stocking Whole Foods Market in select locations in Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern and Coastal Virginia, and North Carolina. We’re pleased to deliver our white and chocolate milk, butter, and lemonade to customers that know and love our delicious tasting dairy. We even include seasonal flavors like eggnog and custards, so keep an eye out for them to hit your shelves soon.

We invite you to visit our helpful Where to Buy section to make sure Homestead Creamery is being stocked in your local Whole Foods. If you can’t seem to find us at your closest neighborhood location, talk to your store manager or dairy manager! We are confident in their dedication to serving the requests of their customers, just another reason we’re partners in making the world a healthier place!