Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake: Gems in the Blue Ridge

Smith Mountain Lake: Gems in the Blue Ridge

We’ve already let you in on Southwest Virginia’s best-kept secret – hint: it’s us – but did you know there’s so much more to see and do on the gem of the Blue Ridge that is Smith Mountain Lake? If you’re making the trek all the way out to come to see us at the Farm Market, you might as well make a day trip out of it and see all there is to see! Here’s our suggested itinerary for your Smith Mountain Lake adventure:

Start Off with Breakfast at Old Oak Cafe

Located right, smack, dab in the middle of the Westlake hub, Old Oak Cafe is a family-owned restaurant with a breakfast buffet that will start your day off right. And they serve it until 2 PM, so even if you’re a slow starter, you can get some food to give you the energy for a day full of adventure!

Don’t forget to pop in at all the shops in this area to find incredible lake-themed decor! Places like the General Store on Scruggs Road have local foods, local crafts, and more.

Next Up: Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas Tour

Southwest Virginia’s agricultural community isn’t limited to dairy and cattle farms. We have an alpaca farm, too! Located in Hardy, VA, just a few miles away from the lake, Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas gives tours three times a day, seven days a week! Discover the fine craft of raising animals that produce the finest fibers in the world. You can even visit their shop at Westlake to purchase some of their products!

Time To Get on the Lake

It’s time to explore the true star of the show: Smith Mountain Lake! There are many entry points to enjoying the Gem of the Blue Ridge but Bridgewater Plaza and Smith Mountain Lake State Park are two of our favorites. How to choose between the two? It really depends on how you’d like to enjoy the lake.

If you’re looking to lounge on a beach while the kids splash in the shallow end of the lake, go for the State Park. You can hang out all day for just a small fee!

If you want to rent a boat and explore for yourself, Bridgewater Plaza has multiple rental facilities. You can fill up on food at one of the many restaurants and even play in the arcade or at dockside putt-putt before you head out!

End the Day with A Dinner Cruise and Ice Cream

What’s better than dining on a boat as the sun sets over the lake and mountains? We really can’t think of anything! Virginia Dare Cruises docks in Moneta and travels around the Blackwater end of the lake, serving a full dinner. This is a do not miss on our to-do list!

But if dinner doesn’t fill you up, it’s okay if you want to come back and see us at the Farm Market for dessert! So are you ready for a Smith Mountain Lake adventure? If you’d like to discover even more fun ways to enjoy our hometown, be sure to ask one of our Farm Market associates for their personal favorites!