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For the safety of our employees and customers, Homestead Creamery has cancelled all tours at our production facility and farms. We are currently working together to incorporate new and interactive ways to offer our tours as soon as possible. We will be posting updates on our website and our social media pages as it becomes available.

It’s not just a tour, it’s an adventure!

We’re pretty passionate about making high-quality dairy products and we love sharing our story and the stories of the farms we work with. We open the gates on the farm and the doors of our plant to give you a glimpse of a day in the life of a dairy farmer and what it takes to get the best milk, ice cream, and butter to your table.

You’ll get to meet the cows that make our lives so rich and our milk even richer. You’ll get to see how we process it from start to finish and finish out the day trying our award-winning ice cream or sampling all of our specialty milk flavors. All this while learning about the agricultural and food industry.

Our tours are held during the months of March through November and Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning at 9 AM.

Homestead Plant Tour

Our Plant

Adjacent to our farm market, our state-of-the-art dairy plant was recently expanded to match our expanding territory and product line. Capped in hairnets, you'll walk through each phase of production from milk delivery to bottling the milk and dipping the ice cream to see how we keep everything clean and pure.

Cow in Stall

Our Farms

Happy cows come from happy farmers. Our farmers take joy in their jobs and so do our cows. Each family own farm is dedicated to the standards our company was founded on: cows that are treated like family, dairy that is clean and pure, and the value of a hard day's work.

Meet Our Farmers

Woman at Farm Market

Partner Farms

We couldn't have a fully stocked Farm Market if it wasn't for our hardworking partner farms! Though we don't typically visit in our tours, we had to show them some love for rounding out our Home Delivery and Farm Market offerings with meats and dry goods that have the same quality as our farms offer.

Learn About Our Partner Farms

Homestead Creamery Team

Cream Team

Together, we make it all happen. From the friendly faces that run our Farm Market and Home Delivery, to the folks behind the scenes that focus on making sure every sip, scoop, and bite of our dairy products have that award winning taste each and every time, we operate like a big family.

Find Out More About Our Cream Team