Update on Homestead Creamery Bottle Shortage

Update on Homestead Creamery Bottle Shortage

Update on Homestead Creamery Bottle Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so much about our daily lives. All of us at Homestead Creamery have been fortunate that we’ve been able to safely work and keep our products on the shelves for our customers to enjoy.

One of the indirect results of the pandemic has been that our bottles have been returned at a lower rate than usual. While all of our partner stores are accepting bottles, we realize it is more difficult to return our bottles for some customers. All of these things are causing a shortage of half-gallon bottles.

Adjusting Our Operations

To combat this shortage, while still providing our tasty dairy and lemonade products, we have made some adjustments to our bottling operations. We have begun packaging only the following products in half-gallon glass bottles:

  • Whole Homogenized milk
  • 2% milk
  • A2A2, reduced fat milk

This means our other milk products will only be available in quarts. In addition, we will only be bottling quarts of Lemonade, instead of half-gallons. These changes will be in place through mid-June, when a new shipment of glass bottles arrive.

How Can You Help?

With help from our customers, we could get back to normal bottling operations faster. We realize the grocery shopping experience has changed in light of health and safety standards, but if you find yourself running out for an important errand, we ask that you consider making a stop to return your glass bottles at your local grocer within the personal protective equipment and social distancing guidelines. You can also return bottles when picking up groceries. All you have to do is let the attendant know that you have bottles to return when you check-in for your pickup.

In addition, we are working on an event in the Roanoke area to allow customers to drop off bottles without visiting a store. We will continue to provide updates on these pop up events as they are available.