A2A2 Milk and Granola

What’s the Difference Between Regular Milk and A2A2 Milk?

What’s the Difference Between Regular Milk and A2A2 Milk?

A lot of folks are wondering about what makes our new A2A2 milk different. While in a lot of ways this milk is the same as our regular 2% milk: the farm that produces it, the minimally pasteurized process that locks in the flavor, and that incredible taste you know and love. The biggest difference is simply that there are two copies of the type of protein that the human digestive tract can easily break down. Let’s break it down for you.

Same Great Taste, Same Great Quality

Homestead Creamery’s dairy products have been made famous by our unmatched flavor and the pure quality of our milk. Our A2A2 milk is no different. It still comes from happy cows that are raised well on a local farm. It still comes to our creamery fresh, daily. And it still goes through our minimal pasteurization process that has been designed and refined over the years to keep the integrity of the flavor and proteins in the milk. This makes all the difference when comparing it to other ultra-pasteurized milk brands.

All The Nutrition You Look For

While the A2A2 milk has a different pair of proteins, you’re still going to get the same amount of key proteins and all of the other nutrients you rely on milk for. In fact, you can compare our Reduced Fat A2A2 Milk with our 2% milk and you see that they have the exact same levels of nutrition! With this milk, more people will be able to benefit from the top 8 key vitamins and minerals and so much more.

None of the Protein That Hurts Your Stomach

You may have heard about the A2 beta-casein protein in the news lately. Research has shown that a percentage of the population finds difficulty digesting regular milk that contains both an A1 beta-casein and an A2 beta-casein. In trials, some people who had difficulty digesting milk but had not been diagnosed with lactose intolerance or a dairy protein allergy were able to more easily digest milk with two copies of the A2 protein without discomfort. Milk that contains two copies of the A2 protein is produced by cows whose DNA naturally possess the ability to make the two copies instead of the A1-A2 combination.

It is because of this research that we chose to begin producing our A2A2 milk. Our cows are DNA tested to show that they only produce the A2-A2 combination and no A1 proteins. Now, the whole family can get back to enjoying the great taste and whole nutrition of our milk.

Have more questions about our new product? We’ve put together a handy FAQ for you! Visit our Where to Buy page to find it in a store near you.