Old Fashion Custard

3 Great Ways to Enjoy Homestead Creamery’s Old Fashioned Custard

3 Great Ways to Enjoy Homestead Creamery’s Old Fashioned Custard

We’re now full swing into the holiday season so it’s time to go out and purchase a bottle (or five) of our seasonal Old Fashioned Custard! Each year around this time, our inboxes are swarming with inquiries about when and where they can find it. Well, good news! It’s out on shelves now!

We hear from a lot of customers that they stock up on it and freeze it so they can enjoy it year round. But the question is how do you enjoy it? Do you drink it? Do you cook with it? They great thing is, you can do both! Here are just a few of the many ways you can enjoy our Old Fashioned Custard!

Drink It Straight

Old Fashioned Custard is just as delicious to drink straight as our Eggnog! The rich texture and creamy flavor is perfect for a nice after dinner drink. Add a little cinnamon for an extra punch or put it in your coffee or oatmeal to have an extra creamy start to your day!

Use It In A Recipe

Custard’s creamy vanilla flavor is the perfect addition to any of your favorite sweet recipes! Start your day off with a rich, flavorful french toast with the perfect touch of vanilla flavor. Or maybe you prefer using it in a pie? Our wonderful customers shared some of their favorites last year!

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Freeze It Into A Milkshake

If you put our old-fashioned custard in a different container and put the freezer, it turns into a perfect smooth, slushy drink. Most of our customers say it tastes like a vanilla milkshake! You can also use it in your favorite homemade ice cream recipe.

Now that you realize the flexibility of one of our favorite seasonal beverages, it’s time to head over to our Store Locator to find it on a shelf near you!