We’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to hear from you!


Here at Homestead Creamery we are dedicated to taking care of our COWS and our CUSTOMERS!

Have a question about our delicious dairy products or maybe our lemonade? 

Leave us a message below and we’ll be happy to reply!

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Tell us Mooo about it!

If you have a question regarding an already purchased product, Please include the following information for us:

1. Product description
2. Where you purchased the product (Store name & Location)
3. What date the item was purchased
4. Freshest by Date (located on milk caps & bottom of ice cream containers)

This help us take care of your needs more efficiently!

Join Our Herd!

Homestead Creamery, Inc. Job Opportunities

MOOve into a new career with Homestead Creamery! We are always looking for "udder-ly" fantastic people to join our team! 

For more information about employment, contact Lori Zawhorodny at 540.721.2045 or lori.zawhorodny@homesteadcreameryinc.com

Why Work For Homestead Creamery?

Wonderful Work Atmosphere!
GREAT TEAM of Fun and Hardworking PEOPLE!
Room to advance, learn skills to advance within!

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