Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Unmatched Commitment to Quality

At Homestead Creamery, we are committed to quality. We seek quality in our products, in the lives of our cows, in the character of our employees and in the service we provide to our customers. We take great care in providing the best customer service to our partners and customers. And, we are always actively looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience.

We fulfill our vision by striving to: deliver wholesome, quality food products with excellent service, provide a productive, caring and rewarding work environment, preserve the small, family farm community and create value and purpose for our stakeholders.

Homestead Creamery owners and associates base their decisions and interactions on these values: integrity, excellence, friendliness, humility, motivation, teamwork and accountability.

Our History

Homestead Creamery is a small, locally-owned dairy processing plant nestled among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Burnt Chimney, Virginia. With dreams of preserving the family farm for future generations and marketing product directly to consumers, two local dairy farmers combined efforts. In cooperation with a few local businessmen and their joint endeavors, these dreams became a reality. Homestead Creamery opened its doors for business in January of 2001!

Today, Homestead Creamery is made up of a small network of locally owned dairy farms that are run by families who believe in an honest day's work. Each farm is dedicated to the health and happiness of the cows and the quality of the products that are produced for the consumers.

A2A2 Glass Bottle Milk

A2A2 Milk

All of our milk at Homestead Creamery is A2A2! A2A2 is milk that contains 100% A2 beta-casein protein. It's in the cow's genetics. You won't notice any difference in the delicious taste or creaminess and all the amazing nutrients are still there, but studies have shown that some people who've had difficulty digesting "regular A1A2" milk were able to more easily enjoy and digest A2A2 milk! 🤍

Our milk is minimally pasteurized using the High Temperature, Short Time (HTST) process. This process heats the milk to around 168 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 seconds and quickly cools down the milk to around 34 degrees. This method helps preserve the nutrients and flavor while eliminating any harmful bacteria present in the milk.

Glass Bottle Program

Whether you're a new Homestead Creamery customer or a seasoned fan, you can probably instantly recognize the Homestead Creamery brand by our famous glass milk bottles! Our signature glass bottles do more than just preserve the quality of our milk, (Yes, you can taste the difference!) they also contribute to the preservation of the lands we farm, and ultimately, the world! Our glass bottle recycling program depends on YOU to work.

Step One: Rinse Your Bottles

Though we have a high powered bottle washer at the creamery to ensure each and every bottle is clean and sanitized, rinsing your bottle before you return it will help prevent any possibility of bacteria growing prior to return. And, no need to return the caps since we only use new caps when bottling, but please feel free to recycle them separately in you local recycling program.

Step Two: Return To Store

You can either return your bottles to the place of original purchase or another Homestead Creamery milk retailer. All you'll need to do is bring your bottles to the customer service desk or through the check out line. They'll either provide you with an exchange on your next bottle, give you a refund or a credit towards your purchase. Every retail location handles them differently, so please call your local retailer if you have any questions prior to your visit.

Step Three: Buy Another Bottle :)

Let's keep the cycle going shall we? Grab one of your favorites or try something new! Whether you want to provide your family wholesome nutrition with our classic milk line, indulge in our signature Cowpuccino or fan fav Chocolate Milk (both still full of protein and nutrients!) you'll be glad you grabbed another bottle!

Please note... Our seasonal "round" bottles sold exclusively at Fresh Market during the holidays are non-returnable, but we can't wait to see the creative ways you reuse them yourself!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE!

Our Farms

In addition to the Cream Team, the dairy farmers we work with exemplify our core values each and every day. Whether it's working in the fields, harvesting food for the cows or in the milking barns, they work with passion and purpose.

Meet Our Farmers