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Our Values

Our Values

Unmatched Commitment to Quality

At Homestead Creamery, we are committed to quality. We seek quality in our products, in the lives of our cows, in the character of our employees, and in the service we provide to our customers.

We believe in taking good care of our employees and consider each team member a critical part of the “Cream Team”. Our employee motto is “the best rises to the top” and we actively seek to help each employee to reach their highest potential. We take great care in providing the best customer service to our partners and customers. We are always actively looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience.

Homestead Creamery Core Values

We will always produce and sell quality, natural products that are wholesome and enjoyable for the whole family.

We will always provide services and products that make us a destination for families and friends.

We will always treat our customers, visitors, and employees with the utmost dignity, respect, and fairness.

We will always keep truth, honesty, Christian principles and integrity in everything we do. This is the core value of what we stand for!

Brent Craighead

Our Team

While each and every one of our employees brings these key values into work every day to keep our operations running, there are a few of our Cream Team Members that deserve a special mention. Our management team keeps the team focused and inspired to deliver these values along with our quality products day in and day out.

Kasey Kohl, President
Steven VanReenen, Operations Coach
Jason Wavell, Director of Human Resources
David Thompson, Operations Admin Lead
Crystal Broyles, Sales Manager
Rose Jeter, Marketing Director
Heather Williams, Farm Market Manager
Diana Cramblitt, Home Delivery Manager
Michael Desrocher, Distribution Manager
Rachel Sigmon, Events Coordinator
Tabitha Dunn, Assistant Farm Market Manager
Justin Carter, Assistant Home Delivery Manager
Doug Wray, Purchasing Manager
Jonathan Grisetti, Class 2 Manager
Steven Craig, Raw Milk Supervisor
Joshua Pugh, Return Bottle Handling Supervisor
Onesimo Reyes Lagunes, Shipping Supervisor

Cow in Stall

Our Farms

In addition to the Cream Team, the dairy farmers we work with exemplify our core values each and every day. Whether it's working in the fields, harvesting food for the cows, or in the milking barns, they work with passion and purpose.

Meet Our Farmers