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Our Dairy Farms

Our Dairy Farms

Fresh Products from Family Farms

With dreams of preserving the family farm for future generations, two dairy farmers combined efforts to open Homestead Creamery in 2001 with the goal of marketing their dairy products directly to consumers. Today, Homestead Creamery is made up of a network of small, locally owned dairy farms run by families who believe in the value of an honest day’s work. Each family is dedicated to the quality of life for the cows and the quality of products for our customers. Our farm families include Stoneybrook Dairy, Goldenview Dairy, Redvale Dairy, Whispering Oaks Farm, Riverbend Dairy and Homeland Jerseys. 

Stoneybrook Dairy

Wirtz, Virginia

Ensuring the dairy farm will survive for future generations was a big goal for the Montgomery family. Donnie Montgomery farmed with his dad and knew he wanted the same opportunity for his children. Looking to the future, he co-founded Homestead Creamery in 2001 to help make that a possibility. His son Jamie is now the 4th generation to operate the farm on the family’s land.

Goldenview Dairy

Glade Hill, Virginia

The Bowers have farmed in Glade Hill for 3 generations. While in his mid-twenties, David Bower co-founded Homestead Creamery and became president of the company. He long dreamed of bottling milk that his cows produced as a way to help ensure the farm’s profitability. Dave’s sons are looking forward to carrying on the tradition as the 4th generation.

Girl & Mom Feeding Cows

Redvale Dairy

Boones Mill, Virginia

Before the school bus stops at Anthony Bowman’s house, his children run to help feed the baby calves. The Bowmans have been farming for 2 generations and like other farms, it is a family business.


Whispering Oaks Farm

Rocky Mount, Virginia

Running a family dairy is not an individual endeavor. Seth Jamison farms with his wife Ruth and their children along with part-time help from Seth's parents. They are dedicated to good stewardship of their cows and land; and with an eye for the future they hope to continue for generations to come!

Riverbend Dairy

Rocky Mount, Virginia

Originally bought in 1956, Riverbend Dairy has continued to grow from generation to generation. Now a third generation farmer, Regan Jamison hopes to continue to grow and lay a foundation for generations to come.

Homeland Jerseys

Wirtz, Virginia

Ever since he can remember, Thane Sink has dreamed of becoming a dairy farmer! Now with over 80 cows, his dream is a reality! While partnering with Homestead Creamery, Sink's goal is to continue to grow and help to show others "the way milk should taste!"